Swab Awards 2022

Gerard Fernández Rico. Pigment Gallery

Fundació Vila Casas – Best catalan artist Award

Fundació Vila Casas, an institution founded in 1986 by the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Antoni Vila Casas, is a private non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote Catalan contemporary art.

The essence of the Vila Casas Foundation is tradition, culture and language, the axes of identity of our country.

Through four exhibition spaces that are part of our architectural legacy – Can Framis Museum and Volart Spaces, in Barcelona; Can Mario Museum and Palau Solterra Museum, in Palafrugell and Torroella de Montgrí, Girona –

The Foundation thus becomes a platform from which to promote contemporary artistic practice. In the socio-health field, the Foundation develops research work that establishes a bridge of dialogue between health professionals, the media and society.

Jury: Acquisition Committee of Fundació Vila Casas

Winner: Gerard Fernández Rico. Pigment Gallery

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Juan Narowé and Ana Mas Projects team with Oscar Germade Artistic Director of Mango and Joaquin Diez-Cascon, Swab Director

MANGO – Best Emerging Artist Award

Mango renews its commitment to contemporary art for another year and awards the best emerging artist of Swab Barcelona 2022, acquiring a work that will become part of its collection.

Jury: Oscar Germade Artistic Director of Mango

Winner: Juan Narowé. Ana Mas Projects

weecolors Photo by @polmasip

DKV – Best Spanish Artist Award

Year after year, DKV Seguros awards the best Spanish artist represented by a Swab Barcelona gallery, and acquires one of his or her pieces to be included in the DKV Collection.

Jury: DKV Collection Advisory Committee

Winner: weecolors. Dràcul.la

Gabriel Ribeiro at Duplex with Holger Sprengel and Swab directors

Orkideh Daroodi O Gallery´s director with Swab directos and Holger Sprengel

Espronceda – Artistic Residency Award

Espronceda is collaborating for the third time with Swab Barcelona by offering an artistic residency in its Barcelona facilities to an artist exhibiting at the fair.

Jury: Dr. Holger Sprengel, Henrik Sprengel, Savina Tarsitano, Milo de Prieto, Mohamed Benhadj, Maribel Navarro & Joan Abelló

Maryam Mohry from O Gallery
Gabriel Ribeiro from Duplex

Alexandra Karpuchina, Stephan Stoyanov, Sofie Fargo and Joaquin Diez-Cascón

Stephan Stoyanov – Best emerging gallery in Eastern Europe Award

Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, has been devoted to the education of cutting-edge contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists since its inception. Exhibitions at the gallery are not limited to any one medium: with drawing, installation, painting, photography, sculpture, video and new media. From 2002 to 20014 he ran a highly successful gallery in New York, being one of the few Eastern Europeans to have made a mark in the American capital of the arts. He currently curates exhibitions in his native Bulgaria and around the world, teaching the public about contemporary art wherever he goes.

Jury: Stephan Stoyanov

Winner: Karpuchina Gallery, Eastern Europe.

Sofie Fargo with Alexandra and Joaquin and Carolina Diez-Cascón

Filip Vančo Photoport Gallery director with Joaquin and Carolina Diez-Cascón

Colección Diezy7 – Best Work on Paper Award

Created in 2008, this award consists of the acquisition of a work to become part of the Diezy7 collection. This award is aimed at emerging artists with works on paper or drawings.

Jury: Joaquín Diez-Cascón and Carolina Diez-Cascón

Sofie Fargo. Karpuchina Gallery
Martin Hreha. Photoport Gallery