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Swab 2022 Curator Talks by Domenico de Chirico


Tell us your favorite moment at Swab 2021
Swab is very charming, as always: you can always discover new artists, meeting new people – artists, gallerists, curators, and collectors – absorbing positive energies while freely walking around and breathing.

What’s something you discovered at Swab 2021 that really sticked to your mind?
Instinctively retracing the images and memories from the past edition of SWAB 2021, some of my favourite proposals were: Lily Robert – Paris, PIEDRAS – Buenos Aires, CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY – Tokyo, Patricia Fleming – Glasgow, and Badr El Jundi – Marbella.

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Lily Robert, Paris


3 Carrousel Patricia

Patricia Fleming, Glasgow

What’s something you discovered at Swab 2021 that really sticked to your mind?
Total and honest democracy, proposals that are always new and original, and the perfect weather.

How would you describe Swab 2021 to someone who couldn’t visit it?
What I find very attractive about Swab is its democratic will: the fair offers a perfect balance between emerging proposals and well established projects. Furthermore, it provides the visitor with a very interesting portrait of what is happening both on thelocal and the international artistic scene, reuniting galleries and independent spaces from all over the world. All in all, I believe that people should go to Swab to keep their curiosity alive.

What projects are keeping you busy these days that swabbers should stay tuned for?
I’m currently traveling to Rome because I’ll spend a couple of days at the Swiss Institute visiting all the artists in residence, as a guest curator.


About Domenico de Chirico
Domenico de Chirico is an independent curator from Italy. He collaborates with a number of international artists, galleries, institutions, art fairs, art prizes, and magazines worldwide. He has been artistic director at DAMA Fair, Turin, Italy (2016-2019). He is currently a Committee member at Swab Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (Barcelona), guest curator at MIA Photo Fair (Italy), a curator at Bienvenue Art Fair (France), and so forth.