Swab 2022 Curator Talks by Caterina Almirall


Tell us your favorite moment at Swab 2021
I always enjoy receiving people who are interested in the artists’ proposals of the EPHEMERAL Program and being able to tell them more about it. Sharing the work done with the public, collectors and other people is one of the things I like the most.

What’s something you discovered at Swab 2021 that really sticked to your mind?
I really liked Violeta Mayoral’s proposal at etHall gallery in Barcelona, this year we are lucky that Violeta returns to Swab as part of the Ephemeral program, and she will captivate us again with her new proposal.

Violeta Mayoral. etHall , Barcelona

What’s something you saw at Swab 2021 that you don’t typically see at other fairs?
One thing that I really like about Swab and that differentiates it from other fairs is that because of its size and configuration, it generates a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that gives the feeling of community.

How would you describe Swab 2021 to someone who could not visit it?
It was very nice to regain the physical attendance and I think you could feel it in the atmosphere, a lot of excitement and expectation to meet again in the pavilion.

What projects are keeping you busy these days that swabbers should stay tuned for?
Undoubtedly, the preparation of the fifth edition of the EPHEMERAL program that I curate with Margot Cuevas, we already have the artists and we are working on this year’s proposals.

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About Caterina Almirall
She is an independent curator and teacher. As a curator, her work always maintains an interest in the artistic field itself, understanding artistic practice as a space for the production of knowledge and questioning about the world. In recent years she has focused her research on the exhibition fact and the mediating practice, with special interest in the magical, understanding the artistic practice as a ritual and a place of learning.
She has been the curator of the annual cycle Terrassa Comisariado 2017/18, and curator of the Swab Ephemeral program of the SWAB Barcelona fair from 2018 to the present. She is currently a member of the Programs committee of Hangar and follows the PhD program in Education of the arts and visual culture, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat de Barcelona.