Swab 2019 presents Swab on Paper

Swab 2019 presents Swab on Paper


In the 1920s, geometric abstraction was born with the impulse to create a critical discourse and present a reflection of reality from its three three-dimensional points. It is in the 1940s when it merges with the most immediate unconscious. This is how geometric abstract art was born.
As a historical basis towards contemporary times, artists take up the use of geometry as a means of expressing space, an unstable space full of social, political, environmental imbalances or simply responding to everyday emotions.

7 projects, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, that conceptualize and reflect several current problems encrypted in the symbology of lines, shapes and color.



Circle Art Gallery. Kenya.


BBA Gallery. Berlín.



Galerie Martin Kudlek. Colonia.



Aire Galería. Bilbao.



Set Espai d'art. Valencia.



Galería Seismasuno. Madrid.



Espai Souvenir. Barcelona