Swab Barcelona held its eighth edition from the 1st until the 4th of October 2015 hosting 65 galleries from 22 countries.  It represented the year of consolidation of the fair because of both the great attendance of national and international visitors and the volume of sales achieved by the galleries. 

It is also remarkable the success of the new curated programs which are:

-Swab Seed by Focus Engel Horn curated by David Armengol, gave voice to a bunch of independent proposals which, from the power and instability provided by the fact of depending only on their own sources, have become some of the most dynamic and fruitful spaces in cities as Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin.


The Green Parrot. June Crespo. Swab Seed Programme. 


-Swab Performance, curated by Juan Canela, presented a specific program of performances, actions and interventions that responded  to the presence of this format in contemporary art practices and in its sometimes complicated relationship with the market. Swab Performance activated  a performative space at the fair as a platform for dialogue. 


Eley Daou performance. Swab Performance Programme.

-Swab Gate by Fundació Lluís Coromina and curated by Eva Barois de Caevel,  consisted on individual exhibitions of African and Caribbean artists and was focused on painting. The main goal of the program was presenting the work of 4 great contemporary artists but also the current categorization of painting and geographic origins.    


Galerie Van De Weghe. Hamid El Kanbouhi. Swab Gate Programme.


-“Zh?ngguó: the new Chinese photography”, curated by Na Risong and SusanaSanz, presented Chinese contemporary art , gathering a group of creators that express themselves with an original and critical language in reference to the traditional practices whilst proving the autonomy of their practices in reference to west Contemporary Art.


Zhongguo Programme. Liu Jianan photo


-SOLO Swab, curated by Direlia Lazo and Carolina Ariza, gathered individual exhibitions from Latin-American artists, whose creative practices are marked procedural and documentary, with the aim to serve as a platform on thought and reflection about the current artistic production in dialogue with the present political and social context of Latin America.


Galerie Alain Gutharc. Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza installation. Solo Swab Programme  


-Swab Thinks, hosted for the second consecutive year, consisted of a series of conferences, debates and round table meetings between artists, curators, collectors and critics around the transformation of the contemporary art world and the place that the artistic practices have in it.


-Drawing Applications,curated by Mónica Álvarez Carega, presented  eight individual artistic projects that demonstrate traditional drawing methods as artistic elements.


Galeria Alegria. Juan Escudero. Drawing Applications Programme. 


MYFAF program, curated by Rosa Lleó and Zaida Trallero, was framed by galleries with few years of existence, having not participated in the past in any International Art Fair, this going in line with Swab´s mission to showcase and promote emerging art.


-Swab 2015 General Program, hosted a wide number of consolidated galleries with great prestige in the global market of contemporary art.



Olsen Irwin Gallery. Lara Merret installation. General Programme.


In this last edition Swab Barcelona also presented Swab Picnic, the specific area for leisure and gastronomy which combined an interesting fusion between art and taste . The artists Zosen and Mina, represented by Montana colors, painted a mural inside the Fair with the aim to transmit their consciousness about the environmental damage caused by the overexploitation in the food industry. In Swab Picnic, a variety of high quality, organic, local dishes was offered by Fileteando varying from oysters , smoothies and vegetarian options to cava and  Moritz beers.



Swab Picnic space.


Last but not least, Swab, with the collaboration of InstaxFujifilm, fulfilled its entrance wall with portairts of SWABBERSIt was developed within the initiative of the Fujifilm photo contest “A breath, an instant, within the art” which was a fun and creative experience enjoyed by many visitors.



Be a Swabber by Fujifilm.


All the above have contributed to make Swab Barcelona 2015 a great success and have encouraged the Swab team to continue dynamically working on its next edition. Swab Barcelona 2016, 29 September – 02 October,  will continue with its past year programs and activities as well as adding new ones in line with its goals of growth and expansion.

See you all next year, be a Swabber!