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Sant Jordi by Fundación Ernesto Ventós

Sant Jordi is approaching, one of the most special dates of the spring, and even if it’s quarantined in our homes, we do not want to stop celebrating it. The Ernesto Ventós Foundation proposes a workshop to be held with our families, an activity that pays homage to this day and establishes sensitive relationships between taste, smell, shape and colour. 

The activity consists of creating our own roses with the skin of different citrus fruits, and you will only need the following materials:

– An orange, a lemon or a grapefruit.
– A knife or cutter
– A stick or support to make the stem of the rose.
– Clothing pins

Learn more by following the full instructions at their website and post the result on Instagram with the hashtags #micasahuele y #SantJordibyFernestoVentos.


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