Program 2018

General Program

3 Punts Galeria. Barcelona

Gerard Mas
Burned wood and glass. 

Addaya. Alaró, Palma de Mallorca

Tamara Arroyo “Año 59 de la Revolución” 2017. Enameled iron
of 220x167cm.

ADN Galeria. Barcelona

Pep Vidal, Untitled (detail) pen on paper. 112×82 cm .

Ana Mas Projects. Barcelona

Derrumbe III, 2018. Oil on linen, 35×28 cm

Àngels Barcelona. Barcelona

Lúa Coderch “I need”. Sore throat, 2018. Framed digital color
print, tinted glass. Vynil audio “We can still be friends” (2018), 18
min. 70×50 cm. Ed 3.

Breve. CDMX

Natalia Fernández
Paisaje anatómico 7 (o 9)
23 x 30.5 cm
técnica mixta sobre papel

Double V. Marseille

Reenactment 231 (blue), 2016. Tirage pigmentaire. 101 x 80 cm Edition 2/3. Courtesy the Artist & PIECE A PART project.

Espacio Pla. Buenos Aires

HERNAN SORIANO. El beso de Catalina II con Pedro el Grande.
Drawing and assembly. 47x62cm. 2016

Espacio Valverde. Madrid

Bodybuilding IV, Alfredo Rodríguez. 100 x 70 cm. Silver gelatin
and acrylic resin on wood. 2018.

Espai Tactel. Valencia

Christto & Andrew “Reality Needs an Observer”, 2018. PVC Print,
mounted on scaffolding. 130×100 cm. Ed. 1/3 + 2AP

Espositivo. Madrid

Une épaisseur de signes libres, 2018. Collage of remains of ancient
scenography on wall.

MANILLAR, 2018, 2018
Extruded polystyrene, polyurethane and paint
34 x 24 x 27 cm

Esther Gatón
POMO 3 (Giro, cuello, movimiento de cabeza, desdén), 2018
Extruded polystyrene, modeling paste and paint.
75 x 14 x 24 cm

Galería Alegría. Madrid

Jorge Diezma “Arellano” 2017. Oil on canvas. 124×91 cm.

Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt. Madrid

Guillermo Pfaff “OR_M03” 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 200x165cm.

Galería Rafel Ortiz. Sevilla, Madrid.

José Miguel Pereñíguez “Los estoicos” 2017. Felt and wood.

Galerie Iragui. Moscow

Olga Bozhko. Hydra (detail). 2016. Acrylic yarn with lurex, light
garland. Height 190 cm. Courtesy Olga Bozhko & Galerie Iragui

Galerie Rolando Anselmi. Berlin, Rome

Ewa Juszkiewicz, 2018, Untitled, oil on canvas, 80x60cm

Galleria FuoriCampo. Siena

Oscar Abraham Pabòn. Boundary problems. 36 clay blocks.
1.98×1.70 cm.

Goldberg Galerie. Munich

Exhibition View “Break of Day” at Goldberg Galerie, Munich in February

Granada Gallery. Buenos Aires

Verónica Calfat, Cabeza de chancho, 2017. Oil on cloth. 100x80cm.

Last Resort. Copenhagen

Printed silk, steel

MAAB Gallery. Milan

Axel Lieber, Short cuts, 2007-2010, fragments of furnitures,
variable dimensions.

Pabellón 4 Arte Contemporáneo. Buenos Aires

48_08. 2017. Plicated paper. 70x70cm.

Pantocrátor Gallery. Suzhou

White marble, travertine marble and epoxy resin. 20,5×6,6×3 cm.
Ice cream (from the series “con la Comida no se juega”) 2018.

Rafael Pérez Hernando

Regine Schumann, color satin and glow after madrid, 2018, Polymethyl
methacrylate (acrylic glass) fluorescent. Each piece

Ribot. Milan

Painting – Corrado Levi, Schizzi per nudi, 2016, pen on canvas,
80x60cm. Sculpture – Oren Pinhassi, Towel Snake I, 2017, towel,
plaster, 21×26.5×28.5cm

Rincón Projects. Bogotá

Oskar Romo, De la Serie Las Terroristas. Mixed on Canvas. 23×23 cm apron. 2016

RocioSantaCruz. Barcelona

Julia Llerena, La escritura y la diferencia, Installation. Objects
found on wood shelves, 225x540x5 cm (detail).

SGR. Bogotá

Mauricio Salcedo “Peripheral Integrations” Assambly And Masonry
(Mamposteria y ensamble a escala) 150x75x50cm. 2018

The Drawing Room. Manila

Kiko Escora “Kiss” 2017. Charcoal and acrylic on canvas.
183×183 cm.

Dex Fernandez
Mixed media
59.5 x 40 cm

The Gallery Apart. Roma

Sinae Yoo,Shadow Theater, 2016. Ceramic and fabric, 23x22x22cm.

Tokio Galería. Lima

Emilio Vargas Vera “Los Fuegos de Lima” 2018. Oil on protective
film. 1.80×1.40 meters.

Victor Lope. Barcelona

Leo Dorfner “THEORY” 2017. Watercolor, graphite and oil on paper.

The Desert and the Cactus

321 Gallery. New York

Palm Shadow 2 (Angeles Forest, S. San Andreas), 2018
Carving and Chemigram on C-Print
Static Mount, Museum Glass, Maple Frame
21 x 17 inches, 53.34 x 43.18 cm

American Medium. New York

Silverfuck (detail),2018
ink and gouache on paper
11.7 x 16.5 in (297 x 420 mm)

Deli Gallery. New York

Lex Brown
Clay, 2018
Burlap, gravel and resin
12 x 12 x 4 in.

Dutton. New York

Alan Prazniak, Pancho and Lefty, 2018, Oil on linen, 12 x 16 in / 30.48 x 40.64 cm

False Flag. New York

Emilie GossiauxSunset, 2017
paint on cloth 
60 x 96 inches
152.4 x 243.8 cm

Emilie Gossiaux
Orange Bowl, 2017
Glazed ceramic
3 x 8 x 8 inches
7.6 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm

Rawson Projects. New York

 ” title=”Leah Beeferman 
Measures (HyrynsalmiHaukijärvi), 2017
Digital print on fabric
200x100cm / 79×39\”
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Leah Beeferman 
Measures (HyrynsalmiHaukijärvi), 2017
Digital print on fabric
200x100cm / 79×39″

On Paper

55SP. Saö Paulo

Fabia Schnoor
Traças, pontos e linhas
(Cão/Leão) 2017
fineart print in cotton paper
Edition: 25
29 x 18 cm

Capa Livro – Traças, Pontos
e linhas 2017
sculpture in book cover and thread
Edition: 10
14 x 18 x 03 cm

Hugo Frasa
XXX Circulo
Serigraphy in one color, handmaid finish with pen in Canson 100% cotton
Edition: 10
66 x 48 cm

Marlene Stamm
Warercolour in paper
Year 2017
Dimensions 50 x 30 cm

ALG. Contemporary art. France

Flavia Mielnik, dream and tiger, 2017, Rosa series, acrylic painting
on silk paper, rain, sun and wind of Bogota, 60x77cm.

Galería Ángeles Baños. Badajoz

Ruth Morán. Microperforation. Black perforated paper.
31,5×24,5 cm. 2017.

Galeria NORDÉS. Santiago de Compostela

S./T. (Pompei Series) 2018. Oil and cement s/paperboard.
15×10 cm.

Ibirapi Contemporânea. Lisbon

António Faria, Untitled (Floresta #9), 2016, link flow on Fabriano
paper, 145×200 cm.

La Carbonería. Huesca

From the Gutter, Installation; intervened paper, projection,
steel plate and etching.

Set Espai d´Art

Chingsum Jessye Luk. Souvenir (CHF 1.408,60)
Billetes de tren, pegamento, cinta
8 x 6 x 6 cm


Arcade+One’s Room. Okinawa

Campur Rasa. Bali

Leandro Quintero
Digital C Print
Variable measures

Estudio 101. Bogotá

Andrés Frix Bustamante
La incipiente teoría romántica de la autoexpresión, 2018
Anudado en lana natural
50 x 75 cms

Mutt Collective. New York

Gemma Gené
pink bow
oil on cut out wood board
150 cm x 150 cm

Gemma Gené
wrapped lobster
chromed resin
38cm x 27cm x 10cm

Katie Levinson
dynamic relationship of shapes?paper
16 x 12 inches?

Nottwins. Barcelona

Insert Coin 1/100 
Resina de Marmolina (una de las piezas de la instalación) 
9 x 9 x 9 cms

Satélite. México

Cosmic Dragon
Acrilico y óleo sobre lienzo 

Square Projects. Londres

Wendy McLean
‘Pits’, 2017
Oil on cotton
55 x 38cm each

The Switch. Portugal

Skoya Assemat-Tessandier
Sleeping Beauty °III
acrylic on canvas (wooden stretchers + white wood floater frame), 65cm x 50cm

Skoya Assemat-Tessandier
Sleeping Beauty °IX
acrylic on canvas (wooden stretchers + white wood floater frame)
65cm x 50cm


High Gallery. Poznan

Untitled, Oil on canvas, 140×100 cm, 2017

Las Palmas. Lisbon

Nuno Ferreira, Untitled, acrylic and pastel on paper, variable dimensions,

Primeira Desordem, Low pro, neck bag, mini HD camera, buttons and glue, variable dimensions, 2018

Aires de Gameiro, Study #2, spray paint and acrylic on paper, 30 x 20 cm, 2018

Storage Capacité. Europe

Videostill of Bernhard Holaschke’s “documents”, Kunstmuseum
Solingen, 2017.


Ariadna Guiteras

Shapeless and all Shapes

How to think of a multiple voice from a situated body? of a voice that is not one, but many, not a voice, simply voice. Voice as a process of interaction, an entanglement, an accumulation of everything else. Of you, of me, of our environment, in present, past and future continuous. Like the voice of a medium through whom the dead speak, or the voice in streaming that travels without body, or the voice of your grandmother in your speech.

Bartomeu Sastre

The performance “Rehearsal for an improvised monologue” uses elements from stand-up comedy to point up dynamics and vices of the artistic context we live in, always from an ironic and self-critic viewpoint. The artist will embrace the monologuist role to speak in public about the elements that are instrinsic to the contemporary artistic practice: trends, attitudes of certain characters in the sector, power relations, dynamics, etc. This implies a reconsideration of the used elements, while utilizing one or another reference depending on what is being said and done in that moment. In this context we will find sentences such as: “Decathlon is the new fine arts store” and “There are artists taking selfies to win likes”.

El Palomar


A group of five trans-binary or non-binary genres will carry banners made by El Palomar with various texts related to gender diversity in the field of culture. For Swab Barcelona 2018, the five performers will be inserted between the visitors of the fair, as a feminist irruption in a festive-cultural context. At the same time, other performers will read texts in the area reserved for performances.

Julia Mariscal

This performance uses materials and personal associations that each specator is to stablish as conductive thread. It is an abstract narration, conducted by the artist around assemblies of sculptural objects that combine the fragility of the glass with the uncertainty of the proposed images.” title=”\”Birds-texts-waves\”

This performance uses materials and personal associations that each specator is to stablish as conductive thread. It is an abstract narration, conducted by the artist around assemblies of sculptural objects that combine the fragility of the glass with the uncertainty of the proposed images.” border=”0″ class=”img-responsive”/> 


This performance uses materials and personal associations that each specator is to stablish as conductive thread. It is an abstract narration, conducted by the artist around assemblies of sculptural objects that combine the fragility of the glass with the uncertainty of the proposed images.


“No, No, No!” happens in a different temporal space, from which we can only see a portion, the propagation of what it is.

Victoria Macarte

PINK NOISE is a series of performative actions and interventions in space and time. PINK NOISE is a body concert in a sonic landscape. PINK NOISE is a living state of corporeality experienced live. PINK NOISE is the pink elephant in the room. PINK NOISE is a tidal wave. PINK NOISE is still life in slow motion. PINK NOISE is a twilight ballet. PINK NOISE is a tye dye t-shirt in the wind. PINK NOISE is a Rubik’s cube of pink mirrors that face each other. PINK NOISE is a portal towards a vortex of the unknown. PINK NOISE is a shift in frequency to a new paradigm. PINK NOISE is a parallel universe. PINK NOISE is the evolutive power in the persistence of erosion. PINK NOISE is order and chaos dancing. PINK NOISE is delicate anarchy. PINK NOISE is a signal that makes no sense. PINK NOISE is an aesthetic. PINK NOISE is a feeling.
PINK NOISE is a trance. PINK NOISE is body control. PINK NOISE is the slap ’n’ tickle between synapses. PINK NOISE is an amoeba amplified. PINK NOISE is the pulse that runs through pebbles. PINK NOISE is the key to deciphering the mystery sealed in stone circles. PINK NOISE is a spell to awaken cellular memory. PINK NOISE is a song for concentration, an elixir for lucid dreaming. PINK NOISE is the antidote. PINK NOISE is mother nature’s roar in a whisper. PINK NOISE is an embrace in the form of an infrasound. PINK NOISE is a subliminal exorcism of the hypercapitalist patriarchy. PINK NOISE is a weapon of mass creation. PINK NOISE is the minimal techno that will play at the zombie apocalypse after party. PINK NOISE is alkaseltzer for the brain via the ears. PINK NOISE is a line of glitter dancing like a brilliant blizzard in the spotlight of your cortex. PINK NOISE is rose magic.



DUAE- Besòs: a Noble Ecosystem. Photograph taken in prospective walks through the Besòs riverbed, 2018.

Irma Marco

Irma Marco – The void. Mural installation and audio, 2017

Julia Calvo

Julia Calvo – Installation Be Me, Nylon Ripstop and fiberglass, 2018?

Julia Gorostidi

Julia Gorostidi – Julia, Rosa, Angela and the Others After Her. Ceramic with sound. Audio: consultations with fortune-tellers, 2017.

Lara Fluxà


Marina Rubio

Marina Rubio – Hiperobjetos, 2016

Michael Lawton

Michael Lawton, CRG. 2016


a/b Books. Switzerland

This edition will have a / b Books, a Swedish editorial proposal
that combines text, photography and collage.

Paranoia Publishing; Estonia

Paranoia Publishig is a publishing house born in Estonia
that has points in several points of the globe. The house is
committed to creating the margin of conventions, its goal is the
destruction of reality and calls itself the most abnormal product
of the contemporary art market.