Mármol + Terramoto

Swab Barcelona in its 2024 edition presents a performance program, dedicating spaces specifically for performance art. This program aims to open the doors for dynamic, immersive experiences, allowing artists and spaces to showcase their talents in novel and engaging ways. Through this program, Swab seeks to highlight the vital role of performance in contemporary art, providing a platform where creativity and interaction converge.
In response to Portugal’s socio-political context, marked by a growing economic and housing crisis, Mármol Project and Terramoto Studio are joining forces to present, exhibit, and commercialize contemporary art produced in the city of Porto. Their proposal for Swab 2024 features activations designed to foster a provocative and dynamic dialogue with the fair’s visitors.

Mármol Project

Mármol, on the other hand, originated within A Certain Café in Bonfim, Porto, as an independent project space for performance, art, research, and publications. It has now transformed into a shared studio, continuing its journey as a project space but reimagined as a non-conventional white cube and self-publishing venture based in Porto.


Terramoto Studio, founded by Nuno Pires, began as a publisher focusing on objects rather than books. It has since evolved into a communication design studio that merges creativity, graphic design, and strategy. Occupying the intersection between visual arts and design, Terramoto explores various media from both the physical and digital realms, emphasizing ideas and processes over traditional design methodologies. Known for its multidisciplinary approach and forward-thinking, the studio creates unique and meaningful work that connects communication design with strategy and storytelling.


The presentation begins with a unique performance-installation. The space allocated to them will be transformed into a commercial office, where printed catalogues will bring to life the works of artists created exclusively for the fair. The aim is to establish a meeting point between visitors and Porto’s contemporary art market, which has been (and continues to be) one of the hardest hit by the crisis. 

Additionally, a dynamic and participatory performance will spontaneously unfold through the fair’s corridors, involving a person walking through the aisles and engaging spectators. Inspired by the annual fundraising walk for cancer awareness in Porto, this activation aims to connect with visitors on a deeper level.

Their presence at Swab 2024 is not restricted to simply exhibiting and selling works of art. They aim to create an environment where art reveals itself as a catalyzing force for reflection and manifestation.

Marmol X Terramoto Studio 1500