Meet the committee members: Pedro Jaile

We spoke to Pedro Jaile.

An art collector and avid traveler, he is interested in how contemporary art is influenced by different cultures. In his professional career, Pedro is a lawyer specialized in real estate and regulatory matters.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?
I greatly enjoyed the opening and the dinner that followed, it was a wonderful way to start the 4 day event and to have the opportunity to meet other collectors and, get to know each other in depth and forge plans for the following days. This was truly specialand the restaurant was perfect.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 
New friendships at many levels. Collectors that I have stayed in touch with and have made plans to meet at other fairs. Gallery owners that have invited me to their home and introduced me to their family and meeting wonderful new artists that were unknown to me.

What makes Swab different as a trade show?
The size is clearly an important factor for me. Not too small and not too large.  It is just the right size that allows you to see everything at a leisurely pace, having ample time to converse with gallery owners, artists, and truly enjoy everything while not feeling the anxiety of having to rush or you won’t see it all. I also love that Swab takes the time and effort to integrate Barcelona. The events that you organize, from studio visits, to personal guided visits to foundations or the great dinners foster an environment that allows for deeper and more meaningful connections with other attendees that come from all corners of the planet.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?
Million dollar question. I think many underrepresented cultures will continue to emerge and become more important players, from racialized people, women or people of discriminated genders, as well as artists from remote parts of the world. 

What was the last work you added to your collection?

A beautiful sculpture by Teresa Solar that I was lucky enough to obtain at Art Basel.