Meet the committee members: Jesper Stieler

We spoke to Jesper Stieler.
Art collector for 35 years and member of the Danish Collecting Society. As the founder of Stieler & Company, he has travelled all over the world on business, an experience that has allowed him to discover the international contemporary art scene and discover new emerging artists.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

My favorite moment at SWAB was the visit and party at the iconic Miehes Van de Rohe pavilion which is one of the most important “events/design/art” on my wish list that somehow I had never visited before.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered a Japanese artist Taichi Nakamura, born in 1982 and Katherinne Fiedler, born in Peru in 1982 and Guillermo García Cruz, born in Uruguay in 1988.

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Guillero Garcí Cruz. Galería Zielinsky
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Taichi Nakamura. Cave-AyumiGallery
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Katherinne Fiedler. Paseolab Gallery

What makes Swab different as a trade show?
SWAB has a very intimate and atmospheric feel “not too big or too small”. The Feria and VIP program is like being with private friends – “Share and relax in good company”.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

I think the emerging art scene will move towards a protest against the destruction of the environment and nature, the excessive use of raw materials and a more sustainable world and local crafts will be a more important part of the emerging artist, as well as digital art will be more important.

What was the last work you added to your collection?

Lately I have added 3 new artist to my collection;
Johannes Holt Iversen, DK, born 1989
Maria Zahle, DK, born 1979Manon Steyaert, FR/UK, born 1996