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Meet the committee members: Domenico de Chirico

We spoke to Domenico de Chirico.

Independent curator. His trajectory includes the artistic direction of DAMA Fair, Turin (2016-2019), curation at MIA Art Fair, Milan, and many other exhibitions in the global context. 

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

Swab is always very charming and gets better and better each year. You can always discover new artists, meet new people, gallerists, curators, and collectors absorbing positive energies while pleasantly walking around the fair and breathing fresh air.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

Instinctively retracing the images and memories from the past edition of Swab 2022, generally speaking, some of my favourite proposals were: Fran Reus, L21 Gallery, Palma / Galerie Romero Paprocki, Paris / Natasha Arselan, Paris Gallery / Mouches Volantes, London /  Lætitia Gorsy, Cologne /  She BAM!, Leipzig / L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan and so forth.

L21 Gallery, Palma
Mouches Volantes, London
She Bam
She BAM!, Leipzig
L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan
 Natasha Arselan, Paris Gallery
Galerie Romero Paprocki, Paris

What makes Swab different as a trade show?

Considering it as the greatest strength, what I find very attractive about Swab is its democratic will: the fair offers a perfect balance between emerging proposals and well established projects. Furthermore, it provides the visitor with a very interesting portrait of what is happening both on the local and the international artistic scene, reuniting galleries and independent spaces from all over the world. All in all, I believe that people should go to Swab to keep their curiosity alive.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

Apart from re-thinking and re-shaping historical narratives from different perspectives, hopes, humanity’s uncertain future and a certain kind of stream of consciousness transposed into art, geographically speaking I would say mainly Brazil and Argentina.

Which projects are keeping you busy these days?

For the third year I will curate an entire section at MIA Photo Fair in Milan called “Beyond Photography: Dialogue” and the Prisma Art Prize focused on paintings at the end of this year. Apart from that, I’m working on a number of future curated exhibitions in various parts of the world and with different realities.