Exhibitors 2018

General program

A selection of established art galleries that features both national and international emerging artists. The space is divided into 4 types of booth: 25, 20, 15 and 10 m2.

ADDAYA. Palma de Mallorca

ADN. Barcelona

Ana Mas Projects. Barcelona

Ángels Barcelona. Barcelona

Double V. Marseille

Espacio Pla. Buenos Aires

Espacio Valverde. Madrid

Espai Tactel. Valencia

Espositivo. Madrid

Fuori Campo. Siena

Galerie Iragui. Moscow

Galerie Rolando Anselmi. Berlin

Galeria Alegría. Madrid

Galeria Breve. Mexico City

Galeria Rafael Ortiz. Sevilla

Galeria Tokio. Lima

Goldberg Galerie. Munich

Granada Gallery. Buenos Aires

Heinrich Ehrhardt. Madrid

Last Resort. Copenhagen

MAAB Gallery.Milano

Pabellon 4. Buenos Aires

Pantocrator Gallery. Suzhou

Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid

Ribot Gallery. Milano

Rincon Projects. Bogota

Rocio Santa Cruz. Barcelona

SGR. Bogota

The Drawing Room. Philippines

The  Gallery Apart. Rome

Victor Lope. Barcelona

3 PuntsBarcelona

The Desert and the Cactus

The desert and the cactus” is a six galleries selection curated by Omar López- Chahoud, an independent curator established in New York. All of them are leading exhibition spaces from the city. 

This program features works by American artists who express their increasing interest in preserving nature, and portray a search for our most primal origins in order to restore contact with earth.

In this sense, the cactus symbolizes the adaptation capacity to the extreme conditions the humankind will have to face if we do not take good care of the planet.

Deli Gallery. New York

Dutton. New York

False Flag. New York

Rawson Projects. New York

321 Gallery. New York

American Medium. New York

Swab on paper

“Swab on paper” is a special program curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, and it presents different artworks that share a common denominator: “Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibres of cellulose pulp derived from woodrags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. It is a versatile material with many uses, including writingprinting, packaging, cleaning, and a number of industrial and construction processes”. 

Is its large communicative ability that what defines this media: paper has greatly simplified communications by generating multiple languages supported in one single material. Depending on its colour and shape, it can even become a concept with an self-contained meaning. That is what we find most interesting about paper: it has evolved from a means of expression to a message itself.

ALG. contemporary art. Aix-en-Provence

Galeria Nordés. Santiago de Compostela

Galería Angeles Baños. Badajoz

Ibirapi Contemporânea. Lisbon

La Carboneria. Huesca

55 SP. San Paolo

Set Espai d´art. Valencia

Swab seed

Presenting its 4th edition, Swab Seed features eight independent, self-managed and experimental spaces from all around the world. This program seeks to shed light into those experimental platforms and proposals that work aside from the fixed system and are shaking up the contemporanean art scene.

Mutt Collective. New York

Satélite. Ciudad de Querétaro

Square Projects. London

Estudio 101. Bogotá

Arcade+One’s Room. Okinawa

The Switch. Lisbon

Campur Rasa. Bali

Nottwins. Barcerlonaa

MY FAF (My First Art Fair)

Each year, Swab Barcelona hosts a selection of three contemporary art galleries, that are less than two years old, who have not previously participated in any international art fair and which feature artists born after 1975. Swab offers this space free of charge as a way to boost young new galleries and to give a chance to emerging artists. 

High Gallery. Poznan

Storage Capacité. Berlin

Las Palmas.Lisbone

Swab performance

Swab Performance presents its 4th edition and reinforces its mission of providing the fair with the presence of new independent formats.

Seven artists discuss contemporaneity’s fundamental issues and analize the effect of society imposed boundaries. They reflect about the role of art and culture in the present context, and aim to find a way to recover basic human values.

While dealing with spatial and physical resources, these independent creators will use the artistic expression to achieve a direct impact in the audience.

Ariadna Guiteras

Bartomeu Sastre

El Palomar

Julia Mariscal


Victoria Macarte


Ephemeral is a program curated by Cateriana Almirall, and presents a set of installation artworks located both in and out of the fair. Creation centers such as Hangar, Escocesa and Fabra i Coats will use audience interaction and participation to reflect about our standing in an increasingly capitalist and over-accelerated world, one that doesn’t give us the time to think about our role as individuals in a globalized society.

Swab Reading

Swab Barcelona presents Swab Reading, a program that aims to put together design and reading, art and literature. The 11th edition of Swab leaves some room for editorial disciplines, and invites two european projects to showcase their publications. 

a/b Books. Switzerland

Paranoia Publishing. Estonia