Jerome 355

Meet the committee members: Jérôme Pantalacci


Founder and director of ART-O-RAMA, contemporary art fair in Marseille. His previous trajectory includes working at the Roger Pailhas gallery and at the organization “Art Dealers”, the art fair created by Roger Pailhas.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

Except for the fair itself, I liked the different moments organised in the VIP program that allow meeting people, like studio visits, exhibitions, lunches and dinners. I have been interested among others by Hangar’s studios visit or the solo by Bruce Conner at Tàpies Foundation.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered many artists and I was mainly captivated by Abdo Shanan’s photographic work presented by Rhizome. I have also appreciated Nat Meade’s paintings at L21, the sculptures by Irati Inoriza at Fran Reus, and Violeta Mayoral shown by etHALL.

Abdo Shanan’s photographic work presented by Rhizome
Nat Meade’s paintings at L21
Sculptures by Irati Inoriza at Fran Reus
Violeta Mayoral shown by etHALL

What makes Swab different as a trade show?

Exhibitors and collectors like the fair’s intimate format that allows the possibility to take time to speak with each other and new artist and galleries discoveries.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

We see since many years a strong presence of painting. Also there is a real interest from young artists in craft practices and hand-made works, which is maybe a reaction to the digital world.

Which projects are keeping you busy these days?

I’m working mainly on Art-o-rama that will be held from August 31 to September 3. We are currently in the selection process, and we will announce the participating exhibitors soon. We are also working on 2 exhibitions that will open in Marseille in June 22. A solo show by British artist Zoe Williams curated by Vincent Honoré and a selection of works by curator and philosopher Thomas Boutoux from Benoît Doche de Laquintane’s collection.