En busca del territorio

In Search of Territory.

Ayrson Heráclito, Sacudimento Casada Torre


Swab Barcelona Foundation presents the exhibition In Search of Territory, on view from September 27th to October 1st,  curated by art collector and member of Swab Barcelona’s selection committee Alfredo Hertzog. 

The exhibit proposes a reflection on the concept of territory, from its most explicit meaning to its most abstract, through the video art pieces of three Brazilian artists representative of their country’s emerging art scene: Deborah Engel, Joao Castillo, and Ayrson Heráclito.

In Search of Territory is organized in collaboration with the galleries Portas Vilaseca, Zipper Gallery, and Blau Projects, who are also participating in the upcoming 10th anniversary edition of Swab Barcelona.


Barca Aberta, J. Castilho





When searching for the word “territory” in the dictionary, we find one of the following definitions: area of land; region or district. As precise as these may be, we think about the term using different references and meaning.

In school we learn about how many battles were fought in certain regions; Conquer to have power. It is a never ending story with new battles on the horizon.

Regardless of state affairs, we have our own territories to speak of. It is our intimate personal space or, more abstract still, in the psychic realm. These are unexplored territories that need to be. As explorers in search of new lands.

Artists tend to approach their artwork by exploring new territories to reflect current or past realities. They can impress the public in many different ways.

Current disputes and events displace people, fighting for their own identity. Battles are carried out to recover past claims. The word territory is as simple as is attractive its complexity.

Devir Vídeo Deborah Engel


Opening:Wednesday, September 27, 19h

On View: September 27 to October 01, 2017

Place: Arts Santa Mónica