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*If you are unable to download the App in your country through the download link or you have any technical problem, please send an email to


Download user’s guide to know how to navigate through the application.

App Hacks:

How to move around the App
How to explore an artwork info. box
How to explore a book


What if a pop-up window says that my MacOS is not compatible with the App?

That means your computer is running on an outdated version of the system, and needs to go through a Software update to open the application. To do so,  you need to click on the apple icon on the upper left corner of your screen -> “About this Mac” -> “Software update” and check the available updates. If it does not appear there, you can always search “MacOS Catalina” on the App Store and download the update from there.

Take in account that if you are running a version of MacOS older than MacOS Mojave, you might need to first update it to Mojave and then to MacOS Catalina. This is a completely free of charge process that enhances the performance and security of your computer.

What if my Mac does not let me access the App?

1) Right click on the application (or ctrl + click, if you are working with a trackpad) and select “Open”.
2) In the pop-up window that appears select “Open” again.

If the above does not work, the preferences of your system may be blocking the application to run. To solve this, you would need to:
1) Click on the apple icon on the upper left corner of your screen
2) Click on “Preferences of the system”
3) Click on “Security”

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4) A window like the following will appear:

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5) You should click on the padlock icon to unlock it. Then, select Allow downloaded apps from “App Store and identified developers”. Lastly, click on “Open anyways”