SWAB talks with… Albert Tercero

“Sóc art. Sóc Barcelona. Sóc Swab” és una sèrie d’entrevistes a personatges rellevants del món creatiu de Barcelona, per a posar en valor el teixit cultural de la ciutat.

Avui parlem amb Albert Tercero, il·lustrador i dissenyador independent que viu a Barcelona, Espanya.

Sóc Albert Tercero. Sóc art. Sóc Barcelona. Sóc Swab.

In one sentence, ow would you describe your relationship with illustration?
I intend it to be aesthetic and communicative.

A place in the city that connects you with art?
El Raval

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?
Pa amb tomàquet

A message to young creatives?
The same thing a friend told me one day. In the end the hardest thing is to stop and do something concrete. 

What projects are currently keeping you busy?
I alternate illustrations for the press with some advertising projects. 

S W A B   W I T H   U S . . .

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Albert Tercero is a freelance illustrator & designer living in Barcelona, Spain.
Amongst others, he has worked for: It’s Nice That, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Kids, The New York Times Book Review, Apple, The Wall Street Journal, T Brand Studio, Wired, Vice, IBM, Red Bull Music Academy, Converse, Reebok, Anyways, Studio Hi Ho, Institutional investor, Absolut Vodka, Booooooom!, Le Monde, Condé Nast Traveler, CCCB, Handelsblatt, The Economist, Bayer, Converse, Anyways, Onward, Netlife, Yorokobu, Barrons, Sofilm Mag, Volata Mag, Bayer, Ladybeard, Established&sons, Handelsblatt, Medium, Soon in Tokyo, Onward, Winkreative, Lost&found, Dezeen, Food+City, Empirical Spirits, Godfrey Dadich, Shopify, Affaire studio, Ajuntament de Barcelona, 1199SEIU.