Acquisitions program

P3 001 Agata
Ágata, Teresa Giarcovich. PIEDRAS, Swab on Paper.

MIA Art Collection

The feminist look of Alejandra Castro Rioseco, philanthropist and private collector has motivated her to create a unique collection that expresses the view of the women artist, bearing in mind the discrimination and gender rights inequalities women are confronted with still.

The collection truly of women, created by women, seeks to create visibility of women and their work in the world through various art projects.

MIA Art Collection builds on a multidisciplinary team and global network to support participation in museums, art fairs, amongst others.

The MIA art collection is available and supportive of expositions centred around women artists and their participation in activities visualizing the role of women in the arts.

The MIA project encourages education through private and public seminars, workshops and expositions on a global scale.

Eva Miquel. Palmadotze. General Program.

Soriguè Foundation

The foundation is strongly committed to culture, creating in 2000 a collection of contemporary art, considered today one of the most important in Spain. In 2015 the collection was awarded the Art and Patronage prize, promoted by the “La Caixa” foundation; and the GAC prize for collecting in 2017.

Acquisition: Eva Miquel. Palmadotze. General Program.

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Lluís Coromina Foundation

The Fundació Lluís Coromina, with the support of Revista Bonart, maintains its commitment to contemporary art and acquires works by the following artists participating in Swab Barcelona 2020.

Acquisition: soon to be announced

El jefe de Estado en la época de reproductibilidad técnica, by Alan Carrasco.
ADN Galería, General Program.

Manuel Expósito Collection

“Our collection is an eclectic tour of artists from the 1950s to the present day. The evolution of the collection began in 1995 with the purchase of a first multiple piece, since then it has been completed with the artistic currents of those years to contemporary art today, through works of art pop, street art, hyperrealism and conceptual with critical character. We are currently betting on young national artists, whose work moves us and transmits sensations to us; with this we are trying to support, as far as possible, the current artistic panorama.”

Acquisition: soon to be announced

29 04 Jarrito
Jarrito pintado, by Studio Lenca. La Única, El Salvador.

Córnex Capital Collection

Cornex Capital, a real estate management company in Barcelona, collaborates for the first time with Swab Barcelona and acquires a work to start its contemporary art collection. With this acquisition, Cornex reaffirms its commitment to culture and close ties between the art world and the city’s business fabric.

Acquisition: Jarrito pintado, by Studio Lenca. La Única, El Salvador.