Acquisitions program 2021

Estructuras fantasmales by Isidora Villarino. MARGEN

Soriguè Foundation

The foundation is strongly committed to culture, creating in 2000 a collection of contemporary art, considered today one of the most important in Spain. In 2015 the collection was awarded the Art and Patronage prize, promoted by the “La Caixa” foundation; and the GAC prize for collecting in 2017.

Acquisition: Isidora Villarino. MARGEN

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Mirando por la ventana los ángeles me hablaron by Micaela Piñero. Constitución Galería
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ArtSuper Collection

Acquisition: Micaela Piñero. Constitución Galería

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Cartographies of political division by Alán Carrasco. ADN Galería
Snow-effect-at-giverny_claude-monet by Mario Santamaría. Dilalica

VisualSign Collection

VisualSign Collection is an eclectic tour of artists from the 1950s to the present day. The evolution of the collection began in 1995 with the purchase of a first multiple piece, since then it has been completed with the artistic currents of those years to contemporary art today, through works of art pop, street art, hyperrealism and conceptual with critical character. They are currently betting on young national artists, whose work moves us and transmits sensations to us; with this they are trying to support, as far as possible, the current artistic panorama.

Alán Carrasco. ADN Galería
Mario Santamaría. Dilalica

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Mars migrations, part II by Mathieu Legrand-Losfeld. FILAF
Repetición 02 by Pol Pintó. Vangar
Eva Miquel. Palmadotze
GIAP by LANTOMO / Antonella Montes. 3 Punts
Guillermo García Cruz. Zielinsky

Carmen & Lluís Bassat Collection

The Bassat Collection is one of the most representative collections of what has been the Catalan art of the second half of the twentieth century. The intention of the Collection is to contribute, through the exhibition of its funds, to the explanation of the events and movements that have led to the art of our time. It has more than 3,000 original works, of which some 2,500 are paintings and drawings and 500 are sculptures, and is complemented by a large collection of graphic works.

Mathieu Legrand-Losfeld. FILAF
Pol Pintó. Vangar
Eva Miquel. Palmadotze
LANTOMO / Antonella Montes. 3 Punts
Guillermo García Cruz. Zielinsky

Mano fumadora by María Guerrieri. Selvanegra Galería

José Luis Lorenzo Collection

Acquisition: María Guerrieri. Selvanegra Galería

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Un portrait de Wernher von Braun by Mathieu Legrand-Losfeld. FILAF

Colección Civit

The Civit Collection is one of the great contemporary art collections in Catalonia. Built up over several decades, it aims to be a narrative of contemporaneity and a unique contribution to Catalan collecting. The collection aims to reflect the complexity and transformation of human society in the period between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

Acquisition: Mathieu Legrand-Losfeld. FILAF