Re Used / Re Made

Swab Barcelona compiles a series of proposals from artists in this edition who work with a combination of textiles, mixed or traditional techniques, as well as the use of recycled materials.

Get to know them!

OT (2019), Ulrike Schulze, Zarinbal Khoshbakht.
Rude (2019), Teresa Giarcovich, PIEDRAS.
Swab On Paper
La Misión (2019), Studio Lenca, La Única.
Swab Emerging
Hollow Reed (2019), Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, 68 Projects.
General Program
Shroud (2019), Bea Last, Alfa Gallery.
Swab On Paper
Exploded dolls (2019), Suyon Huh, G.Gallery.
Focus Korea
Untitled (2019), Chloé Arrouy, Montoro12.
Swab On Paper
Acróbata-Redbull (2018), David Martínez Suarez, ATM Galería.
General Program

Swab Barcelona’s 27 Club.

At Swab Barcelona we proud ourselves on promoting emerging artists and acting as a platform for early career creators. This year, making a nod to the infamous 27 Club, we present a selection of our youngest participating artists, all of them under 27 years old. 

Mauricio Salcedo Babel 2
Mauricio Salcedo, 1993
S10 02 Wrestling Vs Art
Valentino Russo, 1994.
The Balcony
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 131027
Nicole Phua, 1997.
Studio Batur.
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 131603
Anthony Ngoya, 1995.
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 194106
Chloe Arrouy, 1993.
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 194053
Martin Coste, 1993.
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 194126
Antoine et Manuel, 1993.
Espai Tactel-Toormix.
Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 16 A Les 194137
Jordan Azcune, 1995.

Top 10 must-sees at Swab Barcelona

Swab Barcelona has hit the equator of its first virtual edition and has welcomed visitors from all over the world to its virtual reality application. In order for you not to miss anything, we present an exclusive guide to the top 10 must-sees of Swab 2020:


Swab Barcelona 2020’s Program. The General Program, Swab Emerging and Swab Seed present galleries from all over the world in this extraordinary virtual edition.

Maria 1

Curated Sections. Swab Ephemeral, curated by Caterina Almirall, and Swab on Paper, curated by Carolina Díez-Cascón adapt their exhibit proposals to the digital format.


Special Programs. This year, Swab focuses on Asia, and presents, on the one hand, the Focus Korea program, featuring 4 korean spaces, and on the other hand, the South East Asian Video Box, showcasing videoart proposals by south east asian artists.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 151125

Insider’s Picks by Domenico de ChiricoThe Selection Committee member shares with us his favourite works at the fair. 

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 152341

Insider’s Picks by Jérôme Pantalacci. The Selection Committee member shares with us his favourite works at the fair. 

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 152400

Insider’s Picks by Omar López-ChahoudThe Selection Committee member shares with us his favourite works at the fair. 

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 152712

Special spaces at the fair. In order for it to be as realistic as possible, the virtual edition of Swab 2020 welcomes special spaces such as The Music Corner by MIRA, featuring spotify lists made specially for the fair, Swab Kids, an interactive space for creative kids, and Flash Flash, an area where you will be able to order food from home.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 124047

Swab Radio by Art Super. This year, Swab partners with Art Super to launch a special coverage of the fair that highlights interesting, less-known facts about it. The collaboration features interviews with artists, conversation among gallerists, and special content for the visitor to get closer to our participants.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 151209

Swab Thinks. The fair maintains its series of talks and debates in a digital form, and presents an open dialogue with participants and collaborators of this edition.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 09 A Les 124455 1

3 processes 10 minutes. The Swab Ephemeral participants – Maria Alcaide, Eulalia Garcia Valls and Paula Bruna – share with us their creative process in ten minutes videos.


Omar López-Chahoud’s insider’s picks

Swab Barcelona 2020’s virtual edition is starting its first week, and the Selection Committee is already choosing their insider’s picks. Omar López-Chahoud, independent curator and artistic director of UNTITLED, shares his favourite works with us:

Sagrada Mercancia 1
Sagrada Mercancía, Santiago. General Program


Embajada 2 1
Embajada, San Juan. General Program.


La Unica
La Única, El Salvador. Swab Emerging.


Nosco 2
Gallery Nosco, Marseille. Swab Emerging.


KM.02. , Santurce. Swab Emerging.


PIEDRAS, Buenos Aires. Swab on Paper.


68projects 1
68 Projects, Berlin. General Program.


Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 08 A Les 200154
Dilalica, Barcelona. General Program.


Tactel 1
Espai Tactel-Toormix, Barcelona-Valencia. General Program.


Sgr 1
SGR, Bogotá. General Program.
Domenico 2

Domenico de Chirico’s insider’s picks

Swab Barcelona 2020’s virtual edition is starting its first week, and the Selection Committee is already choosing their insider’s picks. Domenico de Chirico, independent curator, shares his favourite works with us:

Acappella 1
Galleria Acappella, General Program


Lily Robert 1 1
Lily Robert, General Program


Melange 3
Melange, Seed


Piedras 4
PIEDRAS, Swab on Paper


Garten 2


Zarinbal 3
Zarinbal Khoshbakht, MYFAF


Jeromepantalacci 1

Jérôme Pantalacci’s insider’s picks

Swab Barcelona 2020’s virtual edition is starting its first week, and the Selection Committee is already choosing their insider’s picks. Jérôme Pantalacci, independent curator and artistic director of Art-O-Rama, shares his favourite works with us:

Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 06 A Les 122843
Maxim Liulca
Untitled, 2020
oil on canvas, 200 x 100 cm
at gallery ORR’s booth, MYFAF


Adn2 1
ADN Galeria’s booth, General Program / Art Barcelona


Ethall 3 1
etHALL’s booth, General Program / Art Barcelona


Nosco Gallery’s booth, Swab Emerging


Lily Robert 1
Lily Robert’s booth, General Program


Montoro12 2
Larissa Sansour at Montoro 12, General Program


Dilalica’s booth, Swab Emerging


Mot 2
UuDam Tran Nguyen Serpents’ tails at MoT+++, Video Box


Captura De Pantalla 2020 10 06 A Les 122934
Flaviu Cacoveanu at The Balcony, Swab Seed



Swab Barcelona presents Focus Korea

Art Delight, “Between Red” by Lee Seahyun

Swab Barcelona 2020 its special program for this edition, Focus Korea, a program that puts the focus on one of the most innovative artistic contexts on the international scene: South Korea. Focus Korea presents four of the most representative galleries in the country, and does so through a series of exhibition proposals that combine traditional Korean imagery with the freshest and most contemporary artistic disciplines.

Meet the Focus Korea exhibitors:

Art Delight, Seoul

Gallery Absinthe, Seoul

G.Gallery, Seoul

One Four, Seoul

Gallery Absinthe, “Lost Sky” by Jung-won Yoon
Gallery Absinthe, “Lost Sky” by Jung-won Yoon

Suyon Huhmap The Soulmixed Media On Hanji192 X 256 Cm2018 1
G.Gallery, “Map the Soul”, by Suyon Huh


Meet all the exhibitors Focus Korea exhibitors on Swab Thinks 1+1 on our Vimeo Channel. The 1+1 program are 2 minute clips where the artists and galleries of this edition present a more intimate look at their works, working spaces and processes, making the virtual world an ideal space for interconnectivity.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 25 A Les 131830
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 25 A Les 132231
Gallery Absinthe
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 25 A Les 132145
Art Delight
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 25 A Les 132031


Ephemeral Program 2020


Curated by Caterina Almirall and with the collaboration of Fábricas de Creación de Barcelona: Hangar, La Escocesa y Fabra and Coats.

Ephemeral is a site-specific programme that works with installation projects that fill the space of the Italian pavilion in Montjuic. Seeking the interaction of the public with the pieces, it concentrates above all on the specificity of the space it occupies, being materiality, light or sound the elements with which it develops. This year should be no exception, but with the singularity that the space in which the Swab 2020 is located is a virtual space.

The artists participating in Ephemeral this year present specific works for this virtual space, designed to be performed in a web environment and experienced through the screen of your iPad or computer. Therefore, it is not a question of adapting the installation works to the virtual format, but of interventions thought in the specified of the digital environment and the tools that it offers us. At the same time, they seek to generate reflection and critical thought on the effects that this setting has on the ways of working, of relating to each other and to the works; effects that have a direct impact on the dynamics of work and on the works themselves. The programme aims to reflect on how this situation affects artists working in Barcelona nowadays, on the working conditions and how they are affected by a greater presence of interactions in the virtual environment as a result of the isolation and social distance we have been forced to create as a consequence of the recent social and health crisis.

Maria Alcaide – Blogger Affair, 2019


Blogger Affair is conformed by a video and an installation, part of the phenomenon of the rise of the Internet as a means of work and dissemination, as dynamics of transformation of the modes of work in contemporary hyper-visibility. Located on the virtual stand of the fair, it responds to the shift towards digital platforms and virtuality, the same place where the critical perspective it proposes is directed, both from the aesthetic and plastic language, and in the content of research based on experience itself.

Based on the premise that “artists and influencers are not so different”, the artist Maria Alcaide becomes “the materialist” influencer. She displays strategies and gives typical advices of ‘the show society’ and the world of hypervisibility, tips for surviving in a world of followers, branding and success. Blogger Affair is a criticism that uses its own media and records of what it criticizes, in the manner of institutional criticism, transferred to a TedTalk, a video clip and the forms of an intimate viral diary typical of the character. At the same time as the artist performs the cultural worker, in the framework of what Richard Florida called the “Culture Class”, dressed in the overalls of the shipyards of the port of Bilbao before the cultural hub, she speaks to us, between seducer and trickster, of the daily reality implied by the dynamics of precarisation and self-exploitation in which young artists live and work.

The installation reproduces a comfortable space, with careful lighting and pleasant colours, which transfers the tone of the video to the exhibition space, and includes one of the elements of the fashion collection of the influence that appears in the video, a piece of cheap jewellery in the form of a necklace of pendants with the word “underpaid” decorating the ornament with bright letters.

Maria Alcaide Blogger Affair Videoframe
Video installation 9,54 minutes


Paula Bruna – Vivo. Objeto. Virtual, 2020


In a space invaded by vegetation, Paula Bruna tells us about the coexistence between the vegetal kingdom and the social and cultural life. Paula Bruna’s work takes as a reference concepts of ecology and ecological economy and shows the fragility of this cohabitation that often enters in collapse, being this a central element of her work. The idea of collapse, can lead to ruin and catastrophe, but also to the emergence of new forms of life and coexistence where new structures appear.

Often her work material are seed crops that imply a very specific attention towards the cure of living organisms and a reciprocal relationship with the context where it is located. The work presented by Ephemeral is an account of previous experiences of work in artistic institutions where, beyond the environmental conditions of the exhibition spaces, the exhibition of her work reveals the difficulty of plant survival in a hostile environment, both environmentally and by the apparent misunderstanding between two ecosystems: the artistic and botanical. Fragile and vulnerable, the crops collapse, thus revealing a certain situation and functioning of the exhibition space.

Despite the impossibility of growing plants in a virtual environment, in the poetic form that is a signature in her work, plants invade the fair space, and once again point out the consequences of these transformations, and of life in constant danger. If there is life after death, it is in a virtual space, and, as Haskell would say, it is not eternal.

Paula Bruna 2020 2048x1536 1
Video installation


Eulàlia Garcia Valls – Envà, 2020


The work of Eulàlia Garcia Valls generates a conceptual overlap between the virtual space of the fair and the artist’s workplace; through the transfer of an architectural element of the workshop, the partition that separates her workshop from the one on the side to her residence in Hangar, to the stand that has been assigned to her. A partition wall is a thin wall that serves to separate and distribute an interior space, it is a delimiting and non-structural element, and it does not support any weight. The presence of the partition in the virtual space loses its architectural function, turning it into a sculptural object that reminds us that architecture, in virtual space, fulfils different and more ambiguous functions. The virtual architecture of the stands and the artistic intervention share the function of recreating and simulating their reference.

The intervention also includes a sound piece, the recording of the sound of the artist’s work space that coincides with the idea of recreation and also points out the absence of environmental elements: air, sound, temperature… The contrast between the exhibition space and the work space makes us think of the collapsing distances… as if the possibility suddenly opened up that the other side of the partition wall of the workshop was the exhibition hall, or that behind the partition wall was the artist’s workshop. We could even think that this is a proposal that can only exist precisely on the virtual world, in which the partition is to both places at the same time.

Enva Eulalia Garcia Valls 2020 2048x1365 1
Architectural intervention and sound piece



Get to know the workplace where Ephemeral artists think, live and create their work on our Vimeo Channel.

10 minutes x 3 processes are ten-minute capsules where you can get to know the work spaces of three artists from the Ephemeral program of the Factories of Creation of Barcelona: Fabra i Coats, Hangar and La Escocesa.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 20 A Las 205628 1 2048x1500 2
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 20 A Las 211051 1 2048x1497 2
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 20 A Las 205720 1 2048x1502 2

Swab Barcelona presents its General Program 2020

Swab Barcelona presents the exhibitors that make up the General Program with a selection of established national and international galleries with a remarkable trajectory in the contemporary art circuit.

95acee23 95b9 4646 Afe2 5bb475aebb9b 3
Sagrada Mercancía, fragment of the work “Plan D / Futuro Paralelo Posible” by Víctor Flores

Get to know the exhibitors of the General Program

68 Projects, Berlin

80m2 Livia Benavides, Lima

Galleria Acappella, Naples

ADN Galeria, Barcelona

Ana Mas Projects, Hospitalet de Llobregat

ARTIS Galería, Córdoba

ATM, Gijón

A+B Gallery, Brescia

Carlos Caamaño Espacio Fotográfico, Lima

Embajada, San Juan

Espai Tactel Toormix, Barcelona-Valencia

etHALL, Hospitalet de Llobregat

Factoría Santa Rosa, Santiago de Chile

Gachi Prieto, Buenos Aires

Gallery Nosco, London /Marseille

Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin

Last Resort, Copenhagen

Lily Robert, París

Miranda Bosch Gallery, Buenos Aires

MM Gallery, Buenos Aires

Montoro12, Bruselas

Pabellon4 Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires

Pablo Gallery, Taguig

Palmadotze, SMMonjos – Barcelona

Pantocrator Gallery, Suzhou

Quimera, Buenos Aires

RocioSantaCruz, Barcelona

RoFa Projects, Potomac

Sagrada Mercancía, Santiago de Chile

SGR, Bogotá

SMART Gallery, Buenos Aires

The Blink Project, Valencia

The Drawing Room, Manila

etHALL, “The Disappearance” series by Violeta Mayoral

ADN Galería, “Social Distancing” by Pep Vidal


Meet all the exhibitors and the General Program artists on Swab Thinks 1+1 on our Vimeo Channel.

The 1+1 program are 2 minute clips where the artists and galleries of this edition present a more intimate look at their works, working spaces and processes, making the virtual world an ideal space for interconnectivity.

2b363ddb Eaf1 42a2 97b7 9d1a5de322f4 2
Check out all the videos entering Swab Art Fair Vimeo by clicking on the image above.


Swab Barcelona presents Swab Emerging 2020

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 162504 1
La Única, from the series ‘Lenca Pots’ by Studio Lenca

Swab Barcelona 2020 gives continuity to Swab Emerging, the subsection of the General Program that presents galleries with less than five years of experience that have a consolidated artistic proposal.

Meet the exhibitors of Swab Emerging:

Clandestina, Miami

Dilalica, Barcelona

Rivera, Mexico City

Granada Gallery, Buenos Aires

Km 0.2, Santurce

La Única, El Salvador

Proyecto NASAL, Guayaquil, Lima

noaddress gallery, Rio de Janeiro

Wunsch, Buenos Aires

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 162533 1
Km 0.2, fragment of “Exotic island” by Rogelio Báez Vega


Meet all the exhibitors and the Swab Emerging artists on Swab Thinks 1+1 on our Vimeo Channel.
The 1+1 program are 2 minute clips where the artists and galleries of this edition present a more intimate look at their works, working spaces and processes, making the virtual world an ideal space for interconnectivity.

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164124
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164134
Granada Gallery
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164145
KM 0.2
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164155
La Única
Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164202
Proyecto NASAL

Captura De Pantalla 2020 09 11 A Les 164208
Wunsch Gallery

Swab on Paper


Parallel Reality, is the title of the new program curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, for this edition Swab on Paper 2020, where the limit of paper is challenged through illusion, an optical illusion that plays in the constant existence of two realities, a flat reality of the essence of paper, which will be invaded by means such as plastics or fabrics that deceive this dimension.

Under this parallelism the 6 proposals of the program travel between two worlds or truths, the conscious and the unconscious, the inside and the outside or the before and now.

Alfa Gallery, Miami

Artists: Bea Last, Maarja Nurk and Gamaliel Herrera

These three artists reflect on the conservation of conscious time through paper, creating a dialogue on connotations acquired in it through collage, in the case of Gamaliel Herrera, engraving as in the work of Maarja Nurk or the creation of paper as a sculpture by Bea Last, thus creating permanency in time as a monumental work.

1 Detail Article Drawing Graphite On Paper 12x16 In 31x42 Cm 2018 Detail

MM Gallery, Buenos Aires

Artist: Carolina Simonelli

Carolina Simonelli, presents a series of works where she experiences painting through only paper, a personal technique where she synthesizes reality in spots of color that do not come from pigment but from paper. Through collage she creates optical landscapes experiencing semi impressionist natural depths.

Imagen 5

Montoro12, Brussels 

Artists: Chloé Arrouy, Martin Coste and Anthony Ngoya

Everyday things, symbols and memories must be undone and recreated; what is near is a horizon not yet reached. Deconstruction, evasion, disappearance, persistence, reappearance, discovery, revitalization, redefinition, re-creation. Three artists who come together to dissect everyday materials and objects and reinvent them through an exploratory approach. A convergence of urgencies and intuitions, where chance also plays its role as a modus operandi. The ordinary medium of paper is affected by waste or plastic materials fusing the before with the now.


Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London

Artist: Varvara Shavrova

Varvara Shavrova presents an installation of textile and paper pieces, reflecting on the current crisis of migration in European countries and its general history. A reality taken from photographs of Irish media, which transcend from the screen to the paper by means of graphite and watercolor, taking disturbing dark colors, looking for a direct emotional response in the viewer of impotence to such a situation.
A paper that catches cries for help while the warmth comes from the textile hand symbolized in blankets of help and welcome.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go 02

PIEDRAS, Buenos Aires

Artista: Teresa Giarcovich 

Teresa Giarcovich experiences the reality of watercolor by creating a new perspective from the superimposition of textiles, especially tulle. Transparencies that dilute reality by experimenting and looking for faces or silhouettes of the past trapped in stains of the present.


Ravnikar Gallery Space, Slovenia

Artista: Maja Babic Kosir

Maja Babic experiments with paper as outside and inside her subconscious, reflecting her life and experiences from instantaneous naturalness, thus working on even the very mistakes that arise in the process.