Meet the committee members: Jose Luís Lorenzo

We spoke to Jose Luís Lorenzo.

Art collector and member of the Latin American Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern, London. Lorenzo is also a celebrated architect, owner of the firm Lorenzo y Asociados Arquitectos and president of DINA (Diseñadores Nacionales Asociados).

Which was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

Unfortunately, due to these recent world circumstances I was unable to travel to the last editions, but I can talk about the last one that I attended in 2019. I would say that the best thing about Swab is its scale and the visits organized for the Collectors Program. Also, I was able to discover new artists unknown for me within the different sections of the fair.

What makes Swab different as a fair?

I think the importance lies in its scale and the way the galleries are selected and organized. I think it is very important to have a sector dedicated to Latin America. It is a way to discover and see galleries in a geographical sector very relevant and close to me. In addition, Swab improves with every edition. 

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

In the emerging contemporary art scene, many artists are choosing different paths. On the one hand, for example, there are those who choose digital art as a possibility. On the other hand, some remain in craftsmanship creating crosses between craftwork and art, where the boundaries between one and the other are increasingly lost. That creates new scenarios where this division no longer exists, returning to the origins of the Bauhaus where everything has to do with everything. Also there are artists who continue with the classic trend of painting. Therefore, in my opinion, we are in a moment where there is no clear trend, but everyone is looking for their own way.

Which was the last work you added to your collection?

The last one was a work by Carlos Herrera, which I bought at the Ruth Benzacar Gallery at  ArteBA Fair last October, it is a volumetric large format work, which I am very happy with. We already had Carlos’ work in the collection, so it’s also important to continue betting on his career.

Marie Journal

Meet the committee members: Marie Elena Angulo

We spoke to Marie Elena Angulo.

Art collector, patron of the Contemporary Art Society in London, a founding patron of The Drawing Room and member of the Board of Oolite Arts, one of Miami’s largest visual artist support organizations. Marie Elena is also an attorney at law specializing in financial matters.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

My favorite moment at Swab was going around the fair with the group of collectors from Miami visiting and seeing their excitement at discovering new galleries and artists.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered the work of Ana Tiscornia at Espacio Mínimo and the beautiful drawings of Taichi Nakamura at Cave-Ayumi Gallery.  I also enjoyed the fair program called Swab on Paper and the diverse group of galleries at that section, some of which I did not know.


Ana Tiscornia at Espacio Mínimo (Madrid)


Taichi Nakamura at Cave-Ayumi Gallery (Tokyo)


She BAM (Leipzig) at On Paper


Chiquitaroom (Barcelona) at On Paper

What makes Swab different as a fair?

It is a very welcoming environment.  Its size makes it easy to manage; collectors have the time to stop at each gallery and to engage with the work of the artists and the gallerists.  It also has an amazingly broad geographical scope, with galleries from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, the US and Western and Eastern Europe.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

I think there will be a move away from figurative painting, with figures merging more with abstraction. I am also curious about the trend to revisit Surrealism as seen in the last Venice Biennial, and the interest in the spiritual in the arts.  There is also the obvious trend towards digital art and the AR (Augmented Reality).

What was the last work you added to your collection?

The last two works we bought were textile pieces:  one by Lulu Varona, a young Puerto Rican artist currently exhibiting at the “No Existe Un Mundo Post Huracán” show of Puerto Rican artists at the Whitney Museum and the other piece by Regina Jestrow, a New York artist currently based in Miami, whose work explores activism and race in American history. 

Meet the committee members: Pedro Jaile

We spoke to Pedro Jaile.

An art collector and avid traveler, he is interested in how contemporary art is influenced by different cultures. In his professional career, Pedro is a lawyer specialized in real estate and regulatory matters.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?
I greatly enjoyed the opening and the dinner that followed, it was a wonderful way to start the 4 day event and to have the opportunity to meet other collectors and, get to know each other in depth and forge plans for the following days. This was truly specialand the restaurant was perfect.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 
New friendships at many levels. Collectors that I have stayed in touch with and have made plans to meet at other fairs. Gallery owners that have invited me to their home and introduced me to their family and meeting wonderful new artists that were unknown to me.

What makes Swab different as a trade show?
The size is clearly an important factor for me. Not too small and not too large.  It is just the right size that allows you to see everything at a leisurely pace, having ample time to converse with gallery owners, artists, and truly enjoy everything while not feeling the anxiety of having to rush or you won’t see it all. I also love that Swab takes the time and effort to integrate Barcelona. The events that you organize, from studio visits, to personal guided visits to foundations or the great dinners foster an environment that allows for deeper and more meaningful connections with other attendees that come from all corners of the planet.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?
Million dollar question. I think many underrepresented cultures will continue to emerge and become more important players, from racialized people, women or people of discriminated genders, as well as artists from remote parts of the world. 

What was the last work you added to your collection?

A beautiful sculpture by Teresa Solar that I was lucky enough to obtain at Art Basel.

Jerome 355

Meet the committee members: Jérôme Pantalacci


Founder and director of ART-O-RAMA, contemporary art fair in Marseille. His previous trajectory includes working at the Roger Pailhas gallery and at the organization “Art Dealers”, the art fair created by Roger Pailhas.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

Except for the fair itself, I liked the different moments organised in the VIP program that allow meeting people, like studio visits, exhibitions, lunches and dinners. I have been interested among others by Hangar’s studios visit or the solo by Bruce Conner at Tàpies Foundation.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered many artists and I was mainly captivated by Abdo Shanan’s photographic work presented by Rhizome. I have also appreciated Nat Meade’s paintings at L21, the sculptures by Irati Inoriza at Fran Reus, and Violeta Mayoral shown by etHALL.

Abdo Shanan’s photographic work presented by Rhizome
Nat Meade’s paintings at L21
Sculptures by Irati Inoriza at Fran Reus
Violeta Mayoral shown by etHALL

What makes Swab different as a trade show?

Exhibitors and collectors like the fair’s intimate format that allows the possibility to take time to speak with each other and new artist and galleries discoveries.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

We see since many years a strong presence of painting. Also there is a real interest from young artists in craft practices and hand-made works, which is maybe a reaction to the digital world.

Which projects are keeping you busy these days?

I’m working mainly on Art-o-rama that will be held from August 31 to September 3. We are currently in the selection process, and we will announce the participating exhibitors soon. We are also working on 2 exhibitions that will open in Marseille in June 22. A solo show by British artist Zoe Williams curated by Vincent Honoré and a selection of works by curator and philosopher Thomas Boutoux from Benoît Doche de Laquintane’s collection.


Meet the committee members: Omar López-Chahoud

We spoke to Omar López-Chahoud.

Artistic director of UNTITLED. His trajectory as an independent curator covers numerous exhibitions in the global context, like the Nicaraguan Biennial in March 2014, and curatorial panels at major institutions such as the MoMA PS1 and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

My favorite moment at SWAB 2022 was discovering new galleries from regions such as Eastern Europe and Asia and many artists that I was not familiar with.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered a good number of artists making experimental multimedia work that I could easily include in some of the exhibitions that I’m currently curating.

What makes Swab different as a trade show?

SWAB is different to other fairs in terms of the number of international emerging galleries, that present cutting edge work that have the potential to grow in an interesting direction.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

The new trends in contemporary art are heading towards the inclusion of digital technology as part of the art making process. Artists are starting to view the world differently due to social media, conceptually it is reflected in the art produced by younger generations of artists.

What projects are keeping you busy at the moment?

Currently, I am working with artists from Mesoamerica and curating an exhibition in New York and Paris.

What was the last work you added to your collection?

The last work that I added to my collection was a piece by a young artist from Colombia that was exhibiting at Untitled, Art Miami Beach.

Dominico 623

Meet the committee members: Domenico de Chirico

We spoke to Domenico de Chirico.

Independent curator. His trajectory includes the artistic direction of DAMA Fair, Turin (2016-2019), curation at MIA Art Fair, Milan, and many other exhibitions in the global context. 

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

Swab is always very charming and gets better and better each year. You can always discover new artists, meet new people, gallerists, curators, and collectors absorbing positive energies while pleasantly walking around the fair and breathing fresh air.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

Instinctively retracing the images and memories from the past edition of Swab 2022, generally speaking, some of my favourite proposals were: Fran Reus, L21 Gallery, Palma / Galerie Romero Paprocki, Paris / Natasha Arselan, Paris Gallery / Mouches Volantes, London /  Lætitia Gorsy, Cologne /  She BAM!, Leipzig / L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan and so forth.

L21 Gallery, Palma
Mouches Volantes, London
She Bam
She BAM!, Leipzig
L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan
 Natasha Arselan, Paris Gallery
Galerie Romero Paprocki, Paris

What makes Swab different as a trade show?

Considering it as the greatest strength, what I find very attractive about Swab is its democratic will: the fair offers a perfect balance between emerging proposals and well established projects. Furthermore, it provides the visitor with a very interesting portrait of what is happening both on the local and the international artistic scene, reuniting galleries and independent spaces from all over the world. All in all, I believe that people should go to Swab to keep their curiosity alive.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

Apart from re-thinking and re-shaping historical narratives from different perspectives, hopes, humanity’s uncertain future and a certain kind of stream of consciousness transposed into art, geographically speaking I would say mainly Brazil and Argentina.

Which projects are keeping you busy these days?

For the third year I will curate an entire section at MIA Photo Fair in Milan called “Beyond Photography: Dialogue” and the Prisma Art Prize focused on paintings at the end of this year. Apart from that, I’m working on a number of future curated exhibitions in various parts of the world and with different realities.

Meet the committee members: Isa Natalia Castilla

We spoke to Isa Natalia Castilla.
Cofounder and partner of Feria Material Mexico City since 2014. Her trajectory includes opening her art gallery in 2021, Castilla/ Klyuyeva, en Monterrey, and starting Cuadrante, a cultural festival to promote art, design and architecture in Monterrey.

What was the “genesis” of Material Art Fair?

Material started in 2014 in Mexico City as a fair for young galleries and art projects, which were booming in the Mexican art scene. We wanted to do a fair were galleries could take risks and show exciting and emerging artists. Over the years the fair has evolved in many ways; we are an international art fair where prominent Mexican and international galleries participate, we have 5 curatorial programs happening simultaneously at the fair and have expanded to another city, Guadalajara since 2021. 

What is the value and purpose of human scale fairs as Material and Swab? 

Material has an amount of stands that allows for galleries to be visible and collectors to make a connection with the artworks. For any fair, you want the art work to be the main attraction and what people talk about. Material feels like a more intimate fair to do exactly that. 

What would you like to see in this new edition of Swab 2023?

Galleries have to plan their participation also thinking about where they will be showing, so I am interested to see how different or similar it is to what they would present in Latin America for example. I am also interested to get to know more Spanish galleries and artists. 

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

I see a return to painting and artists working with ceramic, a very traditional material and creating some beautiful pieces.

Which projects are keeping you busy these days?

I can´t keep calm, so we are already organizing Material 10 and the second edition of Cuadrante, a new festival I started in Monterrey, where we present art, design and architecture.
Organizing large events takes time and if these get organized with time, there are better outcomes and less surprises.


Meet the committee members: Jesper Stieler

We spoke to Jesper Stieler.
Art collector for 35 years and member of the Danish Collecting Society. As the founder of Stieler & Company, he has travelled all over the world on business, an experience that has allowed him to discover the international contemporary art scene and discover new emerging artists.

What was your favorite moment at Swab 2022?

My favorite moment at SWAB was the visit and party at the iconic Miehes Van de Rohe pavilion which is one of the most important “events/design/art” on my wish list that somehow I had never visited before.

What did you discover at Swab 2022? 

I discovered a Japanese artist Taichi Nakamura, born in 1982 and Katherinne Fiedler, born in Peru in 1982 and Guillermo García Cruz, born in Uruguay in 1988.

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Guillero Garcí Cruz. Galería Zielinsky
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Taichi Nakamura. Cave-AyumiGallery
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Katherinne Fiedler. Paseolab Gallery

What makes Swab different as a trade show?
SWAB has a very intimate and atmospheric feel “not too big or too small”. The Feria and VIP program is like being with private friends – “Share and relax in good company”.

Where do you think the new trends in emerging art are heading in the coming years?

I think the emerging art scene will move towards a protest against the destruction of the environment and nature, the excessive use of raw materials and a more sustainable world and local crafts will be a more important part of the emerging artist, as well as digital art will be more important.

What was the last work you added to your collection?

Lately I have added 3 new artist to my collection;
Johannes Holt Iversen, DK, born 1989
Maria Zahle, DK, born 1979Manon Steyaert, FR/UK, born 1996 

Swab wishes you a Happy New Year 2023 


Swab Barcelona wishes you a great start of the year and to welcome it we propose you to celebrate as we closed the edition of Swab 2022. 
Did you enjoy the amazing music of Dübbel G and the wonderful cocktails of Cointreau? Repeat the party with all your loved ones enjoying the ‘Swab 2022 live set closing party’ session and create your own cocktails at home following the recipes that Cointreau offers below.

Warm up this 2023 to meet us again from 5 to 8 October at Swab Barcelona!

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1. Music by Dübbel G
Revive Swab 2022 Closing Party

Sobre Dübbel G

We all know what an actual good party is, right? Of course we know because we’ve been enjoying them together in every SWAB edition! A great party is somewhere where you arrive soon, half shy, by yourself or with your small group of partners in crime. Where you start ordering some drink, turn your panoramic view on, analyze the location, people arriving, you move your head and knees like if you had some kind of soft spring because of the music…
You order the second one; the music starts getting more funky than expected, you clap and move your hands, spring moves are making you feel that you want to go to the bar to order another one. And just after ordering the third you start feeling that everything is getting hot. You listen to some unknown music that tastes like a hit, then another, then someone starts talking to you and say “the music is great, right?”. Then you are not sure if it’s because of the drink, but you really wanna keep dancing and make friends and jump.
It’s not the drinks!  It’s the music from Dübbel G!

532355ca Aef3 34d0 5da4 F323d5f08088
Gerard (@gerardsun_) and Gonzalo (@gonokiwi) two music lovers that meet together in the @neonizednet project and who team up to bring you vibes from soul to hardcore, from disco to techno, from jazz to hits as you could listen in swab parties.
Neinized was born in 2007 as a blog-zine dedicated to the best electronic music. It became a record label, artists agency and one of the big meeting points of talents from Barcelona scene the last decade.

2. Cocktails by Cointreau
Follow the recipes and enjoy

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About Cointreau

Cointreau is the world’s leading triple-sec orange liqueur and is widely present on all five continents. Since its origins in 1849, the Maison Cointreau expresses the same authenticity, inspired by the creative impulse that brought it to life. Balance, moments, pleasure, style… the recipe of this transparent orange liqueur has preserved its original authenticity since its creation. Its character and excellence rely on the selection of the best sweet and bitter orange peels, a meticulous task entrusted to the Master Distiller of the Maison Cointreau, Carole Quinton. Its superior quality makes it a “must” among bartenders and has earned it a place in the world’s most respected bars. Amer Global Brands exclusively distributes and develops the brands of the Rémy Cointreau group in Spain, including Rémy Martin, The Botanist and Cointreau, among others.

Enjoy this New Year’s Eve with the winter cocktails that Cointreau brings for you, perfect to toast this holiday season and surprise your guests.

Cointreau Photo The Sparkling Margaritagroup

Sparkling Margarita

Toast with the sparkling version of the Margarita, a reinvented classic with which you are sure to succeed.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 3 cl of Tequila Blanco, 1.5 cl of fresh lime juice, 1 tablespoon of simple syrup and 1 shake of edible pearl powder (optional).

• Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and add ice
• Shake and strain into a chilled glass
• Add sparkling wine
• Garnish with a slice of lime

Cointreau Photo Cointreauroyal

Cointreau Royale

There is nothing like welcoming 2023 with champagne and this cocktail is ideal to celebrate the New Year in an extraordinary way.

Ingredients: 3 cl of Cointreau and 9 cl of champagne.

• Pour the Cointreau in a chilled champagne glass.
• Top with champagne
• Garnish with a slice of orange

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Alt’ Margarita

A perfect combination of ingredients that, despite its simplicity, never disappoints and always surprises.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 2 cl of lime juice, 10 cl of Botanical Water.

• Combine all the ingredients in a glass full of ice
• Stir briefly
• Garnish with a slice of lime

Cointreau Photo Ritz

Ritz Cocktail

This cocktail debuted in the famous Rainbow Room and was invented by Dale DeGroff, won’t you try it?

Ingredients: 1.5 cl Cointreau, 0.5 cl fresh lemon juice, 0.5 cl Maraschino, 2 cl Rémy Martin V.S.O.P. cognac and 4.5 cl champagne.

• Mix all the ingredients, except the champagne, in a cocktail shaker
• Add ice, shake until well chilled and strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass
• Top up with champagne and garnish with a twist of lemon

Cointreau Photo Holiday Margarita

Holiday Margarita

Rosemary, sugar rim, cinnamon… a very Christmassy Margarita that you will love.

Ingredients: 3 cl Cointreau, 5 cl white tequila, 2 cl fresh lime juice, 6 drops of aromatic bitters.

• Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice
• Shake and strain into a coupe glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar
• Garnish with a rosemary sprig

Cointreau Photo The Cos Glow

The Cos-Glow

A safe choice for cocktail lovers that never fails.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 6 cl of vodka, 2 cl of fresh lime juice, 10 fresh blueberries.

• Add the Cointreau and the cranberries in a shaker and mix
• Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker with ice and shake
• Strain well into a martini glass or coupe glass
• Garnish with chopped cranberries


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Swab wishes you Happy Holidays

This year Swab Barcelona invites the smallest ones to celebrate this Christmas with POSCA and Los Superpoderes del Arte. Continuing with the activities carried out during Swab Kids 2022, an area of the fair dedicated to the youngest art lovers, the artist Titeepex launches a series of Christmas templetes for the children to download, print and color with POSCA markers.

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Create your Christmas decoration!

1. Download the Titeepex Christmas templetes by clicking on the button below
2. Print the Titeepex Christmas templetes
3. Bring out your creative side and color the templetes with the POSCA markers
4. Decorate your home with your Christmas illustrations

73353e4c 0a0f 6aff Eda8 46186a2940d9
A252dc54 4f15 F0ca B6d7 0582cf9ea0ec
80ba8f17 33f3 6fc8 62cd 0412b5ce991e
8e5c5411 48bf 1c06 D6ee 9d7caa1c6f8e


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Fotos Journal Swab (2)

SWAB DAILY: Sunday October 9

Last day to visit Swab! Today ends an edition that has brought together galleries, artists and emerging exhibition projects from around the world to present the latest trends in the global contemporary art scene, an event that has already received more than 10,000 visitors.

Don’t miss it and visit us today from 12 noon to 9 p.m!

A0cb349c D7dc 4382 B0b5 0cde64d5adab
Swab Art Fair 2022 @marcmedina


Curated by Caterina Almirall and Margot Cuevas, Ephemeral 2022 presents a selection of installation works that aims to offer a curated look at Barcelona’s artistic production, with the collaboration of Barcelona’s Creation Factories: Hangar, L’Escocesa and Fabra i Coats.

Clouds are water on atmospheric dust, an aerosol made up mainly of water evaporating from the oceans that can turn back into water in the form of rain, stone, or snow. Clouds are also the visible state of water vapor when it condenses into droplets or glass. Etymologically the word nube is linked to the idea of covering, this implies that from the Latin nubes also means veil, that which covers both a face and the sky. Aigua sobre pols(Water on dust) is a program that brings together four installations that share notions around these meanings.

Participating artists: Natalia Domínguez (L’Escocesa), Paula García-Masedo (Hangar), Biel Llinàs (Fabra i Coats), Violeta Mayoral (Hangar)

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Natalia Domínguez, L’Escocesa


Swab is once again making room for publishing disciplines in a program that presents three European projects that work on publishing halfway between the book and the artistic object.

Participating projectsHighchair Editions (London), Monorhetorik (The Hague), Rafael Melendez (London)

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Swab is pleased to present a selection of four young contemporary art galleries, less than two years old, that have not yet participated in any international fair. From the fair we offer this space free of charge to help promote new emerging spaces.

Participating galleriesArmenia Studio (Milan), Galerie Kokanas (Marseille), L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects (Milan)

C7058629 1377 Dabb 4a6e Bcb3ba2ce4b6 1
L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan


After immersing yourself in the art between galleries, Swab encourages you to take a break in our refreshment area, Swab Picnic, an area where you can enjoy the gastronomic offerings of OMU, and beverages and soft drinks of Metric Market.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

Fotos Journal Swab (2)

SWAB DAILY: Saturday October 8 

Thanks to all that came to visit Swab yesterday on our first day open to the public! This weekend Swab opens its doors from 12 noon to 9 p.m, come say hi and discover the proposals that are defining the international contemporary art scene.

9f25a671 Dee3 349b 89b4 Dc588d3be89e
Swab Art Fair 2022 @marcmedina


Swab Seed presents twelve independent and artist-run spaces whose common denominator is experimentation. This section seeks to give visibility to new platforms and proposals that are shaking up the contemporary scene.

Participating galleries: DUPLEX (Lisbon), Hyacinth (New York), Lí Gallery (Shangai), Mouches Volantes (Cologne), NVS (Lisbon), Proyecto CAIMAN (Guadalajara), The White (Tokyo), TRÁMITE | BURÓ DE COLECCIONISTAS | TOMO 006 | (Querétaro).

As part of the Swab Seed programming, yesterday we attended a performance by Will Fredo, a non-binary artist, writer and editor who, presented by Mouches Volantes, explores power dynamics, cultural dislocation and the intersection of pop culture, decolonial thought, blackness, queerness and technology.

On the other hand, we are delighted to count with the collaboration of Fundació Vila Casas, which once again joins forces with Swab Seed to sponsor the participation of four Catalan independent spaces:

Participating galleries: Dràcul·la (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat), Halfhouse (Barcelona), Pas une Orange (Barcelona), Tangent Projects (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat).

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NVS Gallery


Swab presents the core of its program in its main section, made up of a selection of consolidated national and international galleries with a notable trajectory in the contemporary art scene:

Participating galleries: ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Ana Mas Projects, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, C+N Gallery, Milan / Genoa, Chela Mitchell Gallery, Washington, D.C, Dilalica, Barcelona, Emerson Dorsch, Miami, Espacio Mínimo, Madrid, etHALL, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat , Factoría Santa Rosa, Santiago de Chile, Fran Reus, Palma, Galeria Senda, Barcelona, Galerie Supermarkt, Tokyo, Galerie3, Klagenfurt / Vienna, Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio, Todi, Galleria Six, Milan / Venice, Galerie PJ, Metz, Jason Shin, Seoul, Jorge Lopez Galería, Valencia, Karpuchina Gallery, Prague, Krupa Gallery, Wrocław / Warsaw, LAB 36, Barcelona, Llamazares Galería, Gijón, L21 Gallery, Palma / Barcelona, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest, NAC Galería, Santiago de Chile, Pabellón 4 Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Palmadotze Galeria d’Art, Santa Margarida i Els Monjos (Barcelona), Photoport, Bratislava, Pigment Gallery, Barcelona* / Paris, Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid, Raffaella de Chirico Arte contemporánea, Turin / Milan, Romero Paprocki, Paris, Set Espai D’Art, Valencia, Smolka Contemporary, Vienna, Shazar Gallery, Naples, Vangar, Valencia, Zielinsky, Barcelona / Porto Alegre.

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Yamamoto Kazuma, Jason Shin Gallery


True to its desire to present emerging proposals from the international scene, Swab dedicates a subsection of the General Program, Swab Emerging, to galleries that, with less than five years of trajectory, already have high quality proposals and solid future projection. 

Participating galleries: Arniches 26 (Madrid), Cave-Ayumi Gallery (Tokyo), Natasha Arselan Gallery (London), REGULARNORMAL, (New York), SISSI club (Marsella), Swivel Gallery (New York), VUNU Gallery (Košice). 

091d9c26 775f 227a 4057 421065eb1d3b
Melanie Luna, Swivel Gallery


Swab presents the On Paper program, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón. This edition, titled “Cuerpo sin nombre” (Body without name), exhibits four proposals that explore the figure of the body, its connotations and its possible emancipation from history, gender or origin.

Participating galleries: Anna Laudel (Istanbul, Düsseldorf i Bodrum), Chiquita Room (Barcelona), O Gallery, (Teheran), Lætitia Gorsy, She BAM! (Leipzig).

0cd3a232 B7be 3468 222c Eefc2e1f162e
Barbara Lüde, Lætitia Gorsy, She BAM!


Swab dedicates an area of the fair to the youngest art lovers, Swab Kids, an open space where children can experiment with their creativity. In order for the little ones to enjoy the fair as much as the older ones, this year, Los Superpoderes del Arte (LSDA), a Barcelona gallery focused on children, and Posca, a marker pen supplier, join forces to propose artistic workshops to stimulate the most creative side of children at the fair.

LSDA and Posca take Swab Kids under the premise of creating a board full of ‘post it’ that brings together the individual work of each child to give rise to a collective artistic creation, the result of group effort to achieve a common goal, coloring the walls of your booth. 

0e05d6db 7c49 B207 9800 9285d3b8cd2f
Swab Kids stand
by POSCA & Los Superpoderes del Arte with the artist Titeepex