Swab Thinks 2017

Swab Thinks is a space for open dialogue and discussion that brings together artists, curators, collectors and art managers, in order to think about the transformations in contemporary society and the place that the artistic practice occupies within it. Swab Thinks takes place inside the fair, from September 29 to October 01, 2017.


Swab Thinks 2017




FOCUS MEDITERRANEAN organizes two talks with the participation of all the guest collectives; creating a space give visibility to the region's creative context and at the same time generate a joint debate around the different kinds of organizations, projects, and artistic initiatives of the Southern Mediterranean region. 


Panorama of artistic de los espacios artísticos en el sur del Mediterráneo

This session will introduce the guest spaces, who will share with the audience their outlook on the current artistic and cultural situation of the region. 

Speakers: Collective 220, Argelia; Centre des Arts Vivants de Radès, Radès, Tunisia; WaraQ Art Foundation, Tripoli, Libya; Artellewa, Cairo, Egypt; AllArtNow, Damascus, Syria; Mansion, Beirut, Lebanon; KIBRIT, Morrocco, Argelia, Tunisia, Palestine / Platform Harakat, Barcelona; JISER Reflexions Mediterrànies, Barcelona/Tunisia

Moderator: Xavier de Luca, curator of FOCUS MEDITERRÁNEO

Duration: 1h30

Time: Saturday, September 30th, 18hrs



Conteporary Art in the Syrian and Lybian context

SpeakersWaraq Art Foundation (Tripoli, Libya), All Art Now (Damascus, Siria)​

Moderator: Xavier de Luca, FOCUS MEDITERRANEAN curator

Time: Friday, September 29th, 17hrs



Swab Seed 2017 organizes a talk with representatives of each one of the participating porjects and spaces of the curated program. It is a space for debate that encourages sharing of similiarities, objectives and the issues that define the independent art practice. 


New ways of doing

The talks is an opportunity to discuss new arts management models, their possibilities and limitation of non traditiona models, and how new initiatives can break into the art markert, all from the unique perspective othe projects and spaces that take part in the Swab Seed 2017 program.

Speakers: Isabelle Zürcher (DIENSTGEBÄUDE - Zurich), Andrés Hoffmann (Casa Hoffmann - Bogotá), Alexandra García (La Trastera - Tarragona), Katie Levinson (Mutt Collective - NYC), Irene Pascual (SCOTTY, Berlín),  Katherine Di Turi (Square Art Projects - London).

Moderates: Francesca Tur, Creative Director Tendencias TV

Time: Friday, September 29th, 19h

* The talk will be in English.



Swab Barcelona introduces a space dedicated to art professionals and general public interested in art collecting, which will address topics related to the legal and tax aspects of the art business. Presented by the law firm Cuatrecasas. 

Tax aspects every collector, artist and gallerist should know

An informative talk about the key aspects to keep in mind regarding acquisition, keep, sale, and export of artworks, from a legal and taxation perspective. The talk provides the essencials of tax benefits that collectors can take advantage of, aspects to keep in mind when exporting artworks, and the general tax reatment of related operations.  

Speakers: Álvaro Escuder Duft, partner at the Tax and Finance department of Cuatrecasas and specialist in counceling for artists, collectors and heirs of artistic or historic heritage; Mónica García Perrote, associate of the Tax and Finance deptartment of Cuatrecasas.

Time: Sunday, October 01, 13h.


All talks are in Spanish unless otherwise specified. 

Swab Thinks 2017

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