Swab Performance 2017


The third edition of Swab Performance is presented in collaboration with Izolyatsia Platform for cultural initiatives and the Visual Cultural Research Center, who curate the showcase of 5 young Ukrainian artists that blur the limits between art, activism and social criticism.





IZOLYATSIA  Platform for cultural initiatives.

IZOLYATSIA is a cultural platform founded in Donetsk in 2010 and relocated to Kyiv in June 2014 after the military occupation of its premises. The foundation’s mission is to inspire positive change in Ukraine by using culture as an instrument. IZOLYATSIA has carried out over forty international projects, supporting socially responsive artists and creative producers in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine, and worldwide, as well as serving as a resource for international curators, scholars, artists and ambassadors. IZOLYATSIA has three intertwined directions of activity: art, education and projects geared at activating Ukraine’s creative sector.







Duration: 210´

Place: Outside fair pavilion - Swab Art Fair Entrance

Timetable: Thusday, September 28th . From 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm / From 4pm to 9pm // Friday 29th From 12pm to 2pm // Sunday 1rst from 12pm to 2pm





Piotr Armyanovski

Performance: Donets’k: Red and Black.


Petr is from Donetsk which now under occupation. He will create performance Donets'k: red and black

"Donets'k - Euro2012 city and the city of roses. Donets'k my hometown and there is already the 4th year is a war. People are tortured because of their ideas in the basement. This city coming out of me by red and black" said the artist. His performance will recreate the colours of his cirt (red and black) with roses and coal, to represent the city and its suffering.



Duration: 25´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Friday, September 29th  From 5pm to 6pm to 6.30pm








Maria Kulikovska

Performance:  "The Raft Crimea"

The Raft Crimea is a performance aimed to remember us about the vulnerability and desesperation of those who lost their homes, and to call for solidarity. The Raft Crimea is a platform to discuss about the problems of the displaced and search in common for a solution. Thousands of people are deprived of their homes and go the de sea in rafts, looking for a new life. However, nobody is waiting or willing to see them. This huge mass of population is not marked in the maps and is drifting in the sea: The republic of migrants. Anyone can become a citizen one day. The Raft of Crimea will be their embassy, a parliament for those who do not have a voice, a place or political representation.























Victoria Myronyuk


Performance: Red Wedding.


Victoria worked with ritual structures. She experimenting and exploring different rituals, their performativity part, potential and limitations. She also investigate a losted Ukrainian traditions and try to recover them. Last years she worked with weddings ritual. So, she will represent a work cold Red Wedding which will rise the question of Soviet influence on the Ukrainian traditions and struggle between them.   


Rasmussen primarily works with video and performance, and her productions often involve text, music and visual elements. She collects, adapts and universalizes her narratives in a both critical and humorous processing of issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations.


Duration: 30´-40¨

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Saturday, September 30th from 6.30pm to 8.15pm





Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC) 

Was founded in 2008 as a platform for collaboration between academic, artistic, and activist communities. VCRC is an independent initiative, which is engaged in publishing and artistic activities, scientific research, organization of public lectures, discussions, and conferences. In 2015 Visual Culture Research Center received the European Cultural Foundation’s Princess Margriet Award. Visual Culture Research Center was also an organizer of The School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015.





Valentina Petrova


Performance: Reality, Show.


One of the imperatives of contemporary art is to be critical. Due to this approach, an artist, among a deluded mass of people is supposed to be the one who is awake and can see the reality clearly, debunking the necessary illusions. But how this magical knowing gaze is achieved? Valentina Petrova claims that the shortest way to see the undisputed reality is to watch the reality shows. She will ask an audience to show her the examples of their favourite reality shows to discuss it with her, inviting people to take a critical stand reserved for an artist, initiating them into a sacral praxis of contemporary art: criticizing reality constructed by mass media.



Duration: 120´ - 180´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Sunday, October 1st. From 5pm to 8pm











Michail Koptev

Performance: Orchid Fashion Circus.

Orchid Fashion Circus uses the genre of fashion show which is all about seduction and admiration but substituting its object of desire. Instead of the glorification of the rich and privileged, Koptev uses a fashion show to bless the excluded, humiliated and condemned. His catwalk becomes a tool to tell the story about courage to face a disgrace and ability to turn it into a seductive beauty, to gain the space and publicity for what is disavowed or rejected, to glorify the freedom. At Swab Barcelona, Koptev will make a show with local community representatives as a model newcomers or experienced fashion walkers.



Duration: 30´-40¨

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Saturday, September 30th  from 1pm to 1.40pm


































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