SWAB Thinks 2016

Organized by the Swab 2016 curators during the 30th September to the 2nd October, it is a program that consist in a series of lectures, debates and discussions that will bring into dialogue artists, curators, collectors and cultural critics to think about the changes in the contemporary art world and the place that the artistic practice occupies. Swab Thinks will be held in the Italian Pavilion.




FOCUS MAGREB organizes two talks with the participation of all the guest collectives; creating a space where we would like to give a large visibility to the creative contexts in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, but also generate a joint debate around the different kind of organizations, projects and artistic initiatives in the Maghreb region



- Panorama of independent art spaces in the Maghreb area

In this session we’ll present the guests, which will give us their vision of the artistic and cultural situation in the region.

Speakers: Mohamed Fariji and Léa Morin (Atelier de l’Observatoire, Casablanca), Laila Hida and Francesca Masoero (LE18, Marrakech), Walid Aidoud (BOX24, Algiers), Mohamed Ben Soltane (BAC Art Center, Sabelet Ben Ammar, Tunis) and Wassim Ghozlani (Maison de l’Image, Tunis) 
Moderator: Xavier de Luca,  FOCUS MAGREB curator, with Pau Catà, CeRCCa.

Time: Friday September 30th at 4.30pm





- Projects on the public space

This second session wants to present some projects that are currently taking place in the Maghreb region, which shows the relationship between artistic creation and public space. They’re based on a thorough understanding of the local contexts, thus making art visible and accessible through participatory processes, open and close to citizens.

Speakers: Mohamed Fariji and Léa Morin (Atelier de l'Observatoire, Casablanca), Myriam Amroun, Annalisa Cannito, Wardia Hamadi i Ikram Hamdi Mansour (Trans-Cultural Dialogues, Algiers) 

Moderator: Xavier de Luca,  FOCUS MAGREB curator with Laia Ramos (Idensitat, Barcelona)

Time: Saturday October 1rst at 1pm








Swab Seed 2016 organiza dos charlas en las que participan los responsables de cada uno de los proyectos y espacios invitados; un espacio de debate donde compartir las afinidades, los objetivos y las problemáticas que definen la práctica artística desde la iniciativa independiente.


Monica Restrepo and Cristina Ochoa talks as resident artist in Bar Project 

BAR project is a non-profit organization, independent and mobile dedicated to promote the artistic exchange through the residencies, locals, national and international collaborations and the development of a public program arising from curatorial and research projects.

Now BAR project welcomes in residency Cristina Ochoa, Monica Restrepo, Sojung Jun and Jungju An. During the presentation the artists Monica Restrepo and Cristina Ochoa will present the project that are developing during their stay in Barcelona.

Cristina Ochoa (Bogotá-Colombia) Lives and works in Mexico. Presents Pharmakon, Cura o Veneno. A review of the drugs concept in the contemporary society. After the uses, myths, effects and history of different substances, natural and synthetics, documents and experiences, experiments and writings to understand the biological, ethic and aesthetic consequences between the risks, the need and the pleasure.

Monica Restrepo (Cali). Her work is based on documents and forgotten oral histories, banal ones, that she uses like arguments to create missing images and to show the conflict contained therein. In the last years she’s been working around the idea of the performative document experimenting with crafts materials like the clay and immaterial media like performance, video and text.


Speaker: Crsitina Ochoa and Mónica Restrepo

Moderator: Gloria Fernández,  Bar Projec coordinator

Time: Saturday 1rst October 12pm



-Renewed Relations

The first meeting is based on the search for other models of contact between art and users: new consumption habits, learning, relationship and collecting.

Speakers: Rafa Ruiz y Pilar Bonet (Arts Coming), Pilar Cruz and Fito Conesa (Degénero ediciones), Juan Canela, Verónica Valentini and Andrea Rodríguez Novoa (Bar Project), Ángela Palacios and Quim Packard (Fireplace), Olivier Collet and Jerome Lefaure (Homesession).

Moderator: David Armengol, Swab Seed 2016 curator.

Time: Saturday 1rst October 7pm



-From the own existence

The second meeting is dedicated to the configuration of the independent project from own resources: from the extension of domestic space as beginning point to the exhibition program at the studio or other spaces

Speaker: Andrés Vial and Rosario Arteaga (Espai Colona), Bernat Daviu (Passatge Studio), Katherine Di Turi and Piers Veness (Square Art Projects), José Fiol and Tomás Pizá (Trastero 109

Moderator: David Armengol, Swab Seed 2016 curator.

Time: Sunday 2nd October 1.30pm







-Hand to Hand

A conversation about creating, producing and exhibiting in collaboration.

Speakers: Joaquin Segura, Amor Muñoz, Andres Vial and Alejandra Avilés

Moderator: Zaida Trallero, curator of Solo Swab.

Timetable: Friday 01 October 7pm







-Limits of the literary creation and art

A conversation between Alice Kopf, David Armengol, Frederic Montornés and Imma Prieto, from the book 'Germà gel' (Hermano de hielo)of the artist. The idea of this meeting is to discuss about the limits or no limits existing between literary creation and visual arts. Delve, as the book allows, in the way intrudes on the narrative visual creation from an ambivalence of languages. Also, think about how research interestscan be understood from an open perspective in which the engine is creative action.

Speakers: Alice Kopf, David Armengol, Frederic Montornés and Imma Prieto

Moderator: Frederic Montornés and Imma Prieto, curators of IN/OUT program

Timetable: Sunday 02 October 12pm





-The old in the new: the new galleries

MYFAF section consists on very young galleries who have decided to jump into the harsh world of the art market and start working with a group of artists in which they believe. What are the specific reasons for each to do so? And what are the main fears and difficulties? This talk will be a conversation with the curators of this section.

Speakers: Cecilia Lobel Sundqvist, L&B Barcelona director, Carlos Rodríguez, Rodriguez Gallery director and Marc Trensig, HANS&FRITZ director.

ModeratorRosa Lleó (curator, founder of the non-profit The Green Parrot)

Time: Sunday 2nd October 5pm



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