SWAB Performance 2016

Swab Performance presents its second edition consolidating the presence of the program at the fair and proposing a dialog based on new independent formats.

On this edition, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascon, 4 invited artists will discuss about the fundamental questions of the contemporary social context, as the concerns about the consequences of imposed boundaries, the limits and the role of art and culture and the recuperation of human values, while playing with spatial and physical resources taking the artistic expression to its most direct impact to the public.


Aleks Slota. Poland. Works and lives in Berlin.

Justyna Scheuring. Poland. Works and lives in London

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen.  Manila. Works and lives in Cophenagen

(Hans & Fritz Contemporary. Booth MFY3)

PASHIAS. Cyprus. Lives and works in Athens

Hang Bing. China. Lives and works between China and India.

(Pantocrator Gallery. Booth 22)











Justyna Scheuring 

Justyna Scheuring is a Polish visual and performance artist based in London. Her practice is interdisciplinary and revolves around the emotional presence of the human being and groups of people in social situations. Most of her art projects speak about: presence, formation of group identities, social behaviours, mutual relations as well as an encounter and Difference. She also is attentive to how the personal trauma of the individual impacts their sense of social belonging as well as their general and immediate identity.

Justyna Scheuring received her MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths University in London. 

Performance:Not Kandinsky” 
I’m not Kandinsky and of course I’m not Hilma Af Klint either. Laughter. Here I come with an abstract performance about selectiveness of history, political unfairness and discrimination imposed by a louder voice. Laughter. Pain. Laughter. Join a dream within which we will marge and comprehend. Laughter. When I create a performance I see it as a sculpture communed by a space, the objects and people; and composed like a music piece or a poem – with respect to the time and rhythm. Laughter.

Time of duration: 20´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Sunday 2nd October. From 5pm to 5.30pm and 7pm to 7.30pm





Performance:Foreigner's Dance” 
To dance – we ought to move our bodies in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played. Foreigner’s Dance relates to the global rise of nationalism. It questions belonging and social identity. 

Time of duration: 120´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Sunday 2nd October. From 12.30pm to 2.30 pm





















Aleks Slota

Polish born, American raised, Berlin residing artist. Slota works with loud noises, uncomfortable situations, and grandiose statements. He draws inspiration from the absurdity of daily life and the multitude of historical attempts made to deal with it. His work is concerned with examining the audience performer barrier and engaging the public in the work.

Slota received his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. His work has been shown at the Month of Performance Art Berlin, he performed in Finland, Sweden, Japan, Poland, and France. He had a solo exhibition at A&M in Texas, and shown at The Polish Museum of America, Chicago. He’s put out an album with the noise project OKO, created music videos for the experimental metal band Locrian and sang in the metal band Hexacron.


Performance:Nothing’s Free” 2016

This interactive performance deals with one on one social situations, touching on the topics of spoken and physical language, anxiety, and aggression. It’s a mirror of a short internet relationship, an exchange is made, time is spent, and in the end the parties part ways. In these spaces obvious and hidden power dynamics manifest themselves, and both people pay a price.


Time of duration: 210´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Friday 30th September. From 4.30pm to 8pm

















Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen



In her performance Lucy, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen rubs herself in clay and places herself in it. Through a repeated process, the artist grounds herself in clay and leaves her mark. During the performance, the spectators are invited to be a part and take clay from her, so that they themselves may create something new, shape the earth or simply light a candle for her. 


The performance is part of the exhibition Being Human Being at Hans & Fritz Contemporary and is about the concept of the "original" human. The exhibition examines the way we search for, see and display our existence’s origin and how this influences the way we understand ourselves today.  A reflection on the state of coming from different cultures and belonging in several places.


Rasmussen primarily works with video and performance, and her productions often involve text, music and visual elements. She collects, adapts and universalizes her narratives in a both critical and humorous processing of issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations.


Time of duration: 240´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Hans & Fritz Contemporary. Booth MFY3

Timetable: Thursday 29th September. Opening (Only invitation) and Saturday 1rst from 12pm to 14.30pm










Performance: Dale a tu cuerpo (Training for performance #10)


In his new series of work entitled “Training for performance”, the Greek Cypriot visual and performance artist PASHIAS attempts to establish an active connection between the art of performance and the field of athleticism, by positioning the human body as an agent of energy, skill, aesthetic qualities and potentiality, as used in the activity of sports. Through an examination of what it means to ‘compete’ and to ‘complete’ a specific aim, the body comes in contact with an other entity - the audience - or with the parameters of its own self.  


His upcoming artwork marks the second time that PASHIAS presents a long-durational performance as part of the series “Training for performance”, after his recent collaboration with the Marina Abramović Institute in Athens of a 960-minutes duration.

PASHIAS has participated in solo and group exhibitions, as well as international festivals in numerous countries around the world, whilst working as a curator, educator and lecturer





Han Bing

Born in  rural JiangSu, China. Lives  between Beijng, China and Goa, India.

Focused in live art, photography, installation, performance life  theater , video media and social art projects.

Han Bing has show in Columbia art museum, Pompidou arts centre, France,White Cube gallery,in London, and was invited  in the POt lock British museum tour, Venice architecture biennale,Arles photography festival, Houston to photography biennale, Manchester triennale.


Performance: The Big Star

"After performance, the start of makeup, people around me with a mobile phone or camera take pictures or video. Can tell the audience around he is most red Chinese singer and movie star.

Everywhere I go, whatever you do, there is always a group of people take photo or video  for me." 

Reflection idol culture, also reflect the public blind worship.


Time of duration: 30´

Place: Art Fair halls. Swab Barcelona fair

Pantocrator Gallery Booth 22. 

Timetable: Saturday 1rst October from 6pm to 6.30pm and Sunday 2nd October from 6pm to 6.30pm



Time of duration: 240´

Place: Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Timetable: Saturday 1rst October. From 5pm to 9pm











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