SWAB Performance 2015

A programme curated by Juan Canela.

Swab Performance is a specific program of performances, actions and interventions for Swab 2015. An initiative that responds to the presence of this format in contemporary art practices and in its sometimes complicated relationship with the market. Swab Performance wants to active a performative space at the fair, which is independent and an integral part of the fair. An art fair is basically an event, a platform for talks, activities and exchange and it is this context the one that welcomes proposals of national and international artists who work through performance considering its specificities (body, time, space and action) from different points of view.



In memmory of, 2015. Ely Daou, Beirut.

In line with some of his latest works, Ely Daou performs a large piece that will last the four days of SWAB from opening to closing time. He will remain sat on a table reading names of people who have died this present year on different wars and destroying afterwards the read sheet of paper. Sort of a memorial for those who passed away as a consequence of conflicts probably managed and organized far from the battlefield and which last effects are the death of civilians.


Time of duration: All the Fair opening time
Location: Inside Pavilion
Thursday 12h-13h & 16h-21h / Friday 16h-21h / Saturday 12h-21h / Sunday 12h-20h




Bisons, 2010. Alicia Frankovich, New Zeland

Successive participants confront the artist; crashing their backs they will try to put the other one out of the delimited space - a performance taken from rugby which is New Zealand's, Alicia's country, national sport. It compounds a visual representation of conflict due to opposite meanings, in that case artist and spectator.


Time of duration: 10'
Location: Inside Pavilion
Thursday 17h &19h / Friday 16:30h & 18:30h




La morada imposible, 2015. Mercedes Azpilicueta, Argentina

All the area of the fair will be tackled by a choreography that will follow an itinerary of formal and precise structure. The drawn line corresponds to the context, the landscape of the fair, which formal -visual and sonorous- and conceptual characteristics, determine where certain parts of the script will be developed. Those particular spots, spots of transit, of non-objection or language non-spots, due to the amount of sensorial stimulus, originate a choreography with the space of technical thoroughness, marked by repetition and rhythm.


Time of duration: 30'
Location: Inside Pavilion
Jueves 19.30h/ Sábado 19.30h




Empathygrow/stack/raise/hold/encapsulate, 2015. Claudia Pagés, Barcelona

The performance 'Encapsulated music or/and script for Empathy' is an audio piece combining ambient music and a voice reciting in stereo. The voice contextualizes multiple characters reciting dialogues, stories and poems. It describes different anecdotes and situations resulting from a collision in an institution and how it affected the people who participated in it. The text, which follows the melody of the ambient music that accompanies it questions the necessity of empathy not only inside companies and institutions, but also in interpersonal relationships. It echoes the other parts of the opera that remain in the room, waiting to grow, stack, stand and raise: each one on its own, although always together.

'Empathy grow/stack/raise/hold/encapsulate' is a dismantled opera - or an attempted Gesamtkunstwerk with music, props, choreography, dialogue, characters, costumes and scenery - that has stopped functioning as a whole and has decided to stack, grow, hold, lift and encapsulate in a “every man for himself” situation.


Time of duration: 30'
Location: Interior fira
Friday 19:30



Love Letters to a Union, The Falling Comrades, 2012-15. Lara Khaldi & Yazan Khalili, Palestina

Two friends and theit incessant emails exchanged during their trips about love, weather and mainly banal daily events. They use and modify the letter/email format; they use what elastically is possible to knit different contemporary events with other widely forgotten. During the performance Khaldi and Khalili weave the events that drive to the creation of the United Arab Republic (1958-1961) between Syria and Egypt and its failure, whereas they also talk about the wedding contract, love and Pan-Arabism. They question their friendship, their love life; ask themselves, what is a syndicate? But they are afraid to answer so they write one to the other about some failed love story. Khaldi and Khalili update the performance everytime they play it, introducing new elements each time. Also two short films will be shown at SWAB: The Story of Milk and Honey (Basma al Sharif, 2011) i The Diver (Jumana Emil Abboud, 2004); and they will use objects done by the artist Rheim Alkahdi during the performance.


Time of duration: 80'
Location: Inside Pavilion
Saturday 17.30h




Universal Flag (reloaded), 2015. Elena Bajo, Madrid
Universal Flag is a project that Elena Baix has done in several locations around the globe such as the desserts of Mexico and Morocco as well as different exhibition spaces. Baix uses reflective rugs done with silver as if it was a "universal flag", a flag without message and which reflects the light. The idea of sending messages without getting an answer back appears, as the figure of a buffoon or a person with mental sickness screaming to the world while running a path of unknown destiny.

In this occasion, Elena will play with other performers with whom will develop a choreography with the different flags/rugs around the outdoor space in front of the pavilion.


Tiempo de duración: 10-15'
Location: Outside the fair - Plaça Font Mágica (in front of the pavilion)
Thursday /Friday / Saturday / Sunday 16h


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