Expositores 2015


Established art galleries presenting national and international emerging artists, divided into two types of booth: 25 and 15 m2.


3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona


Alejandrogallery, Barcelona

ALMA GalleryAthens

Ana Mas ProjectsBarcelona

AP Contemporary, Hong Kong

Artspace Contemporary ArtBasel

Berlin Art Projects, Berlin

Cis ArtBarcelona

Espacio Creativo AlexandraSantander

Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest

Galería Balaguer, Barcelona 

Galeria Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid

Galería Servando, La Habana

Galeria Silvestre, Tarragona

Galería TramaBarcelona

Galería Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo, Barcelona

Galeria Giovanni Bonelli, Milano

JPS Gallery, Hong Kong

Kálman Makláry Fine ArtsBudapest


Montana Colors, Barcelona

N2 GaleríaBarcelona

Olsen Irwin, Woollahra

Pabellón 4, Buenos Aires

Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai

Portanova12 Gallery, Bologna

Prometeo Gallery, Milano

Rea One day Gallery, Buenos Aires

Res Non Verba, Buenos Aires

ROCIO SANTACRUZ Galeria, Barcelona

Savina Gallery, St. Petersburg

Shone Show Gallery, Beijing

Studio ChuanBeijing

Sun Art, Tokyo




Direlia Lazo and Carolina Ariza repeated curating Solo Swab. The section preserves the individual format with presentations of Latin American artists, and special attention to those artistic practices marked procedural and documentary. Poetic narratives that explore the history and confront the discontinuity and heterogeneity of the "official" story. Continuing the previous edition, Solo Swab intended as a platform for thought and reflection on the current artistic production in Latin American political dialogue with the social context.


El Apartamento, La Habana
Artist: Yornel Martínez, Manzanillo
Artist: Fredy Alzate, Rionegro
Artist: Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Mexico City
Nube Gallery, Santa Cruz
Artist: Alejandra Alarcón, Cochabamba
Artist: Santiago Vélez, Medellín
Artista: Oscar Abraham Pabón, San Juan de Colón





SWAB GATE consists of solo presentations of African and Caribbean artists, living and working in Africa, Europe or between the two continents with a strong focus on painting. The participating galleries for this section of the fair have been selected and invited by curator Eva Barois De Caevel. The six selected galleries are located both in Africa and in Europe. This program aims first at presenting the work of six great contemporary painters, but it also hopes to question the history and the actuality of categories such as the one we use here — painting as a medium and the geographical origin.


Artist: Sébastien Jean, Haïti
Artist: Wycliffe Mundopa, Zimbabwe
Angalia, Meudon
Artist: Steve Bandoma, Kinshasa
Artist: Hamid El Kanbouhi, Marokko




Curated by Mónica Alvarez Careaga, will show eight individual artistic projects that demonstrate the transformation in artistic matters traditionally attributed uses the drawing, presented by eight of the best Spanish galleries.
Artist: Juan Escudero, Bilbao
Galería Sicart, Vilafranca del Penedès
Artist: Gonzalo Elvira, Neuquén, Argentina
Galería Siboney, Santander
Artist: Gómez-Bueno, Torrelavega, Cantabria 
Ethall, Barcelona
Artist: Luís Macías, Palma de Mallorca 
Artist: Cristina Ferrández, Alicante
Artist: Theo Firmo, São Paulo, Brasil
Artist: Laura González Cabrera, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Artist: Paula Rubio Infante, Madrid


David Armengol, that presents for the first time in Swab, a space of visibility and debate focused on independent proposals galleries located in Barcelona, which has the power and instability than relying on them themselves, have become one of the most successful scenarios and dynamic of the cultural landscape of the city.


El PalomarBarcelona

Arts ComingBarcelona

me & the curiosityBarcelona

La Galería EncantadaBarcelona

Halfhouse, Barcelona

The Green Parrot, Barcelona



Salón, Madrid
Junefirst, Berlín



Curators: Susana Sanz Giménez & Na Risong

Chinese contemporary art is a complicated mosaic made of different trends. This programme, has a selection of just one of those many tendencies, which represents a "dialogue with the tradition", a way to create a unique contemporary Chinese art rooted in a long cultural tradition different from the Western art aesthetics.

Contrary to the negative vision of curators and art critics that consider Chinese art as a merely copy of Western art, the “new photography from China” shows the opposite. For instance, Chinese artists adapt the aesthetics of Chinese landscape painting to express contemporary social problems and personal concerns.

From the nostalgic approach to the past, through the awareness of pollution in China or the irreverent interpretation of tradition, new photographers from China have recovered the task of building a contemporary Chinese “avant-garde” art, that combine Western art and Chinese art and whose ultimate goal is to create an own language, to find their own space and identity.


Participating artists:
Bo Mu
Ju Duoqi
Jin Ping
Lu Nan
Zhong Weixing


Directed by the curator Juan Canela presents a program of performances, actions and specific interventions to the Fair. Considering the presence of this format in contemporary art practices, and their sometimes complicated relationship with the market. Performing Swab want to activate a performative space at the fair, which is autonomous and an integral part of it.


Participating artists:

Mercedes Azpilicueta

Elena Bajo

Ely Daou

Alicia Frankovich

Lara Khaldi & Yazan Khalili

Claudia Pagès




3 emerging contemporary art galleries, with less than two years of existence, who have never participated in any International Art Fair and present artists born after 1975. Curated by Zaida Trallero and Rosa Lleó.


Galeria Tiro al BlancoMéxico

Estudi Tigomigo, Barcelona

3K Art




A new program through which 2 ex alumni of the Curatorial Program of DE APPEL ARTS CENTRE will select and create a dialogue between eight artists with their respective works from the different galleries programs of Swab Barcelona 2015.

Around this dialogue a debate will be created under the program Swab Thinks on hand with theIndependent Studies Program (PEI) of MACBA and a catalog with texts edited by Lorenzo Benedetti, Director of DE APPEL ARTS CENTRE.


Other editions

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