Swab Picnic

Swab is still committed to the craft product that stands out for its quality and creativity in all its forms.

As every year, on the gastronomic zone we have Swab Picnic, where importance of the care product is defended, starting with brands from the innovation of young entrepreneurs such as the Tibidabo Brewing and Agua enCaja Mejor, or the innovative and creative cocktails of Dr. Stravinsky, and the emblematic restaurant of our city, the Flash Flash restaurant.

Our gastronomy is synonymous of innovation and art, and that is why this year Swab also wants to be a platform to exalt this and to echo new proposals. For this, this year we are associated with elBullifoundation, an alliance that seeks to announce new projects and enhance art without limits.

The public will be able to discover and experience the most creative gastronomy in the Picnic area, as well as Swab's collector's program. You will be able to visit the private facilities of the Bulli Lab for the first time and feel the limits of art and experimentation.



Flash Flash

Reference restaurant in Barcelona, ​​full of history, design and modernity, a cult of the good things.

Today, going to Flash Flash means enjoying a complete meal, not only limited to a hamburger, or just having a coffee or meeting someone for a drink ... all this is possible and usual in Flash Flash. Meeting point for businessmen, writers, artists and journalists, lone diners who read the newspaper while they eat, notable people, young and cool people, architects, artists and musicians who come after the show... or simply parents with children... Everyone is comfortable in Flash Flash.

Its menu is mainly composed of a selection of more than 50 tortillas, some very different hamburgers that are very different from the ones we are used to see in the market, a large salad buffet and a vegetable section. There is what is called "Dish of the day", in which we can find almost home-made daily dishes up to preparations of the most current cuisine but always with the philosophy that was adopted since its inception more than 45 years ago. The offer is different every day, and always with seasonal products.






elBullifoundation is a private foundation, with family structure, promoted by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler. Incorporated on February 7, 2013, it was born from the need to transform elBullirestaurante, with a vision of the future that is based on the will to continue promoting innovation and creativity through the language of the kitchen, and to maintain and protect the legacy and spirit of elBulli for society.

The objectives that elBullifoundation has set correspond to the will to lead a project around knowledge, education, business and innovation, focused on the language of gastronomy but with a vocation to transcend other projects, fields, disciplines, sectors.






Like the magical mountain of Barcelona, ​​Tibidabo has come to the world of craft beer in a robust way and with the aim of satisfying the people of Barcelona; to those who will come and those who visited us; and those who are enthusiastic about projects and products that are well made and made with passion.

Tibidabo brewing was born in 2017, its proposal is to elaborate a quality beer, with a great variety of styles but with a common characteristic: Barcelona Style.

They have the award for the best new brewery 2017 by Rate Beer.






Agua enCaja Mejor, a transgressive brand that seeks to change the paradigm of how to consume water for the environment, leaving aside traditional packaging such as plastic or glass. 75% of its boxes are composed of renewable resources, thus having the most renewable packaging in the market. In addition, they have a careful manufacturing process, where the preparation of their packaging has zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.






Dr. Stravinsky, from the hand of Antonio Naranjo, proposes a totally innovative concept in the city. On the menu you can find signature cocktails made with their own gin, a whiskey filtered with sea water or seven different types of fermented, all in a place that reminds us of a laboratory of the s. XIX

It is considered the best bar in Spain by Coaster Awards 2018 and best new bar in Europe for the Bar Convent Berlin awards, proclaiming the cocktails with the best menu in Spain in FIBAR 2017.







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