Swab Kids


Swab Barcelona presents Swab Kids by Gymboree Play and Music, a space to discover the art world through an immersion into different experiments and special workshops.




The workshops, which are opened to every kid that comes to Swab Barcelona Art Fair, will be announced on the weeks prior to the event.

The participation on them won't have any cost and can be done by the kids alone or together with their parents or tutors.

We are looking forward to see all the baby Swabbers at Swab Kids!



Swab partners up with Gymboree and its innovative philosophy and methods. They have a strong belief in the importance of the arts on education, which make us proud to be able to develop them with our youngest visitors.

Gymboree is global leader in kids educational programs, with more than 40 years of experience and 772 centers located all around the world. Gymboree's learning method consists on 7 different levels designed for each stage of maturity, which are independent to the age of the kid.  Swab Kids will remain open to all childs and parents who are looking for a unique artistic experience, following Gymboree's Art and Expression methods which stimulate the imagination and artistic expression of the kids through a bunch of activities such as painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, acting among others, that will also foster their confidence and artistic potential.





Workshop: Hand Animals


Paint the silhouette of the hand, to give shape to the animal that is wanted to be represented or dipping the hand with paintings and colors to give shape to the animal.


Horari: de 18h a 20h

LLoc: Swab Kids stand







Workshop: Sgrafitto


On a blank sheet, paint the entire sheet with different colors. Then on the   top paint with black wax or tempera (let it dry). We take a stick and make the drawing we want and get a picture with background colors.


Time: From 5pm to 8pm

Place: Swab Kids booth







Workshop: Warhol Flowers


Place the desired color on a plate, cut the peppers and sink them into the paint. Then print and press them on colored paper sheets. Next, paint inside the figure.

Time: From 12.30am to 2pm

Place: Swab Kids booth



Workshop: Secret messages


On a white support, drawings are made using candles like crayons. Then we cover the surface with watercolor for these to come to light and be seen by the child.

Time: From 5pm to 8pm

Place: Swab Kids booth








Workshop: Represent with Dishes


Paper plates are colored with paintings shaping faces of characters (pirates, clowns, etc.), make a sun, moon, or different fruits, animals, etc.

Time: From 12.30am to 2pm

Place: Swab Kids booth



Workshop: Create your own monogram


In a white paper or cardboard, temporarily place the letter with tape, draw the outline of the letter or place glue around it and some glitter. Wait until the glue is dry, remove the letter that has stuck to the support with tape.

Time: From 5pm to 8pm

Place: Swab Kids booth




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