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Vila Casas Foundation

The Fundació Vila Casas, founded in 1986 by the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Antoni Vila Casas, is a private, non-profit making, organisation which has the promotion of contemporary Catalan art as its main aim. The central mission of the Fundació Vila Casas is to make tradition, culture and language the core of our country’s identity.

With five exhibition centres, all part of our architectural heritage, the foundation has become a platform for exhibiting the permanent collection and holding temporary shows of the artists featured in the collection.

In the socio-sanitary field the foundation promotes research with the aim of establishing dialogue between health care professionals, the media and society


Acquisition: Mercedes Mangrané. Ana Mas Projects.




Olor Visual Collection

Ernesto Ventós is a creator of essences. The sense of smell is the tool he works with. But why look at artworks through this sense? Like the visual artist, the perfumer has to conjugate a wide range of materials to create his essences. The image of the work suggests a scent, which
he immediately connects to the memory of a particular moment. The sense of smell activates an area of the subconscious related to our emotions in a much more potent way than other senses such as sight or hearing. The works that make up the Colección olorVISUAL are very closely related to the collector in a personal, emotional
way. The theme of the collection is the sense of smell and the capacity of the artworks to awaken a memory.

In 2002, Ernesto Ventós set out on the path of artistic creation. Under the name of NASEVO he invented noses in a variety of shapes, colours, materials and techniques: no more and no less than a homage to the tools of his craft and the organ that connects it to reality, and also to his memories, his experiences and, of course, to art.


Acquisition: Leah Beeferman. Rawson Projects.




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