Swab Performance

Swab Performance 2018

Swab Barcelona presents the fourth edition of the Swab Performance program, organized in collaboration with the  Diputació de Barcelona's Visual Arts Program. An expert committee formed by Alexandra Laudo, Joan Morey and Imma Prieto will choose six artists to present a performance within the context of the fair. 

Swab Performance aims to support artistic performative practices from artists living in or related to Catalonia, aswell as to contribute to their visibility. 



Alexandra Laudo (Barcelona) [Heroínas de la Cultura] is an independent curator and art critic. During the 2017-2018 season, she has curated the series “La possibilitat d’una illa”, at Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, and the exhibition “Una certa foscor”, at CaixaForum. Laudo is part of the external team of BCN Producció de La Capella. During the 2015-2016 season, she was a participant of CuratorLab, the curatorial research program of Konstfack University (Stockholm), where she developed the performative conference An Intellectual History of the Clock, that has roamed several european cities.

She has independently carried out a number of curatorial projects, both at a national and international level, and has worked as an adjunct tutor/curator at different art spaces and platforms.
She writes on regular basis at B-Guided and A-Desk magazines, and has published various texts at exhibition catalogues and art books, aswell as edited some artistic publications.



Photography: Josep Losada​



Joan Morey (Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca) is an artist. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, and ever since, his practice has developed through the performative language, reflecting on a variety of subjects related to power and control over the body, and creating an artistic cosmos that reaches the audience. Morey has recently received the Ciudad de Barcelona 2017 de Artes Visuales award, and won the Premio de Videocración de la Red de Centros de Artes Visuales de Cataluña, Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat de Cataluña, Arts Santa Mònica, y Loop Barcelona award. In 2015 he recieved the MAEC-AECID grant for the Spanish and Foreigners Artists and Researchers Residencies at the Spanish Academy in Rome. At the same time, he works as a teacher, mainly in the audiovisual sector and artistic production.
Morey was part of Les Clíniques d'Es Baluard 2015/2016 (Mallorca), Sant Andreu Contemporani (2013, Barcelona), and a jury member, project and exhibition set-up coordinator at BCN_Producció de La Capella (ICUB, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona).

Photography: Marc Medina ​



Imma Prieto (Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona) is an independent curator, art critic and contemporary art and new media professor at EU-Eram from University of Girona. As a curator, she has pursued projects at both a national and international level, for example, she has worked at TempArtSpace (New York), Palazzo Ca’Tron (Venice),  RAER (Rome), MUCA-ROMA (Mexico DF), Biennal de l’Istmo CentroAmericano (Guatemala), Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona), Palau de La Virreina (Barcelona), MEIAC (Badajoz), TEA (Tenerife), ARTIUM (Vitoria) and Bòlit (Gerona), among others.

She writes on regular basis at La Vanguardia’s supplement “Cultura/s”, at Diari de Tarragona’s supplement “Encuentros”, at digital platforms such as A-Desk and Campo de Relámpagos, and theArtichoke magazine. Between 2008 and 2012 she has worked as a manager for the European Live Art Archive (ELAA), integrated by the University of Girona, the University of Oxford and the Glaugair of Berlin’s artist residence.

She regards her work from a critic viewpoint, in a way that assembles teaching, research, and writing. In 2017 she released her first documentary Eco de primera muerte, and received the Premi GAC a la crítica d’Art 2018.

Photography: Josep Losada​




Lolo&Sosaku - "¡No, no, no!"

"No, No, No!" happens in a different temporal space, from which we can only see a portion, the propagation of what it is.


Duration: 30 minutes

Place: Performance booth

Timetable: Thursday 27th -  7pm
















"Noice Performance", Lolo & Sosaku​




Bartomeu Sastre - Rehearsal for an improvised monologue

The performance “Rehearsal for an improvised monologue” uses elements from stand-up comedy to point up dynamics and vices of the artistic context we live in, always from an ironic and self-critic viewpoint. The artist will embrace the monologuist role to speak in public about the elements that are instrinsic to the contemporary artistic practice: trends, attitudes of certain characters in the sector, power relations, dynamics, etc. This implies a reconsideration of the used elements, while utilizing one or another reference depending on what is being said and done in that moment. In this context we will find sentences such as: “Decathlon is the new fine arts store” and “There are artists taking selfies to win likes”.

Duration: 30 minutes

Place: performance booth

Timetable: Sunday 30th - 1pm

Rehearsal for an improvised monologue,Galeria Fran Reus, Palma (Mallorca), 2018.




Ariadna Guiteras - Shapeless and all shapes

How to think of a multiple voice from a situated body? of a voice that is not one, but many, not a voice, simply voice. Voice as a process of interaction, an entanglement, an accumulation of everything else. Of you, of me, of our environment, in present, past and future continuous. Like the voice of a medium through whom the dead speak, or the voice in streaming that travels without body, or the voice of your grandmother in your speech.


Duration: 30 minutes

Place: performance booth

Timetable: Saturday 29th. 6pm.


"Strata" Espai Dos, Sala Muncunill, Terrassa, 2017





Julia Mariscal - Birds-texts-waves

This performance uses materials and personal associations that each specator is to stablish as conductive thread. It is an abstract narration, conducted by the artist around assemblies of sculptural objects that combine the fragility of the glass with the uncertainty of the proposed images.


Duration: 10 minutes

Place: Performance booth

Timetable: Saturday 29th 1pm




Victoria Macarte - Pink noise

PINK NOISE is a trance. PINK NOISE is body control. PINK NOISE is the BDSM dance of neurons. PINK NOISE is the awakening of the amoebas memory. PINK NOISE is the dust of the stones. PINK NOISE is the key to decipher the mysteries of the menhirs. PINK NOISE is a spell. PINK NOISE is the rumor that the mother earth roars in a whisper. PINK NOISE is a caress in the form of an infrasound. PINK NOISE is a subliminal exorcism of hyper capitalist patriarchy, PINK NOISE is a massive creation weapon. 


PINK NOISE is the matter that holds the fabric of reality for sensitive beings. PINK NOISE is the minimal techno that will sound after the zombie apocalypse. PINK NOISE is bicarbonated for the brain that enters through the ears. PINK NOISEis a glittering line that is dancing like a ruffle in front of the cortex. PINK NOISE is pink magic.



Duration: 10 minutes

Place: Performance booth

Timetable: Sunday 30th.  6pm









A group of five trans-binary or non-binary genres will carry banners made by El Palomar with various texts related to gender diversity in the field of culture. For Swab Barcelona 2018, the five performers will be inserted between the visitors of the fair, as a feminist irruption in a festive-cultural context. At the same time, other performers will read texts in the area reserved for performances.


Duration: 1 hour

Place: Performance booth and fair pavillion

Timetable: Friday 28th. 6pm


Trans Trans Trans, Performance of Equipo Palomar with the participation of Dana F. Domènech Espinet, Virginia Rovira and Joa Blumenkranz. Picture by @Discontinuada. Files of Equipo Palomar.




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