We spoke with Giuseppe Casarotto



We spoke with Giuseppe Casarotto, art collector and chairman of ClubGAMeC



Swab Barcelona is proud to introduce its new selection committee, who will be in charge of selecting the international and local galleries participating in the general program of its upcoming tenth anniversary edition.

In this opportunity, we spoke with Giuseppe Casarotto. The art collector is an engineer and Chairman of ClubGAMEC, a cultural association that promotes and supports Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Casarotto is co-founder, together with six other private collectors, of a collection of active video art which focuses on the acquisition of video art’s works and the promotion of young video artists.

What interests you the most about a new artist?

Personally, I really trust in the new generations of artists. I see very original and innovative artistic gestures. Moreover, many young artists have studied in international arts institutions and have considerable cultural training.


What medium do you think will prevail in coming years? Where are the new trends heading regarding this?

I don’t think that in the future a medium will be used more than another. The time for fads and trends is over, with the globalization of all disciplines, from the most classical to the most avant-garde can coexist in a new innovative capacity. However, I think that installations performances and ultimately virtual reality art (augmented reality) can best represent the art proposals of the future. 


How/Where do you see the art scene in our post-Brexit world?

I don’t think there will be changes in the contemporary art market as a result of Brexit. Perhaps us, as European collectors, will be able to purchase works from England at a better price.


What are you most excited to see during Swab Barcelona's upcoming 10th anniversary edition?

I will be happy to participate in Swab Barcelona again this year. I’m very intrigued to discover the different proposals of the various sections: The general program galleries (of course), but not only that, also Solo Swab -Latin American artists-, Focus Magreb, MYFAF…




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