We spoke with Domenico de Chirico


We spoke with Domenico de Chirico

Curator Domenico de Chirico, born in Bari in 1983, lives and works in Milan. From 2011 until 2015 he taught courses in Visual Culture and Trend Research at Milan’s European Institute of Design (IED). He collaborates with numerous international galleries, artists and magazines. In 2016 he has been appointed as artistic director of DAMA Fair, Turin. 


What interests you most about a new artist?

This depends on the medium used by the artist. In this sense, my interest lies in the physical evolution of the medium itself, as well in the whole visual proposal. The seriousness of a process that evolves without getting incidentally losing its way, and isn’t compromised by the dynamics of the market is the particular trait that I look for. 

What medium do you think will prevail in coming years? Where are the new trends heading regarding this?

Painting, understood as stream of consciousness, and video art, as pure moving image.

How do you see the art scene in our post-Brexit world?

Purely speaking, beyond any resulting economic turmoil, I honestly don’t think that Brexit will have much impact, if any at all. I think that the socio political dynamics will not easily get mingled with the development of the world’s art scene. There are many other developments, especially in Europe, which will probably help to avoid obstacles, taking into account ease of mobility of the contemporary world.

What are you most excited to see during Swab Barcelona's upcoming 10th anniversary edition?

A breath of innovation established in a perfect balance of proposals between the emerging and the established, with special attention on what is emerging in the international as well as the national overview.


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