We spoke with Alfredo Hertzog


We spoke with Alfredo Hertzog


Alfredo Herzog, art collector and business administrator. He's President of Hertzog Art Business since October 2013. He lives between São Paulo and Miami. Graduated from Getúlio Vargas Foundation (GV), with an MBA from Claremont University, and studies in Art Business at the Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York. His collection is specialized in video art, and in 2007, it gathered 700 works.



What interests you most about a new artist?

Normally, new artists bring new blood to the art scene. Young people’s perspectives are different and this is reflected in their art work. There is a tendency to use new technologies or new media, which enriches the art world. 


What medium do you think will prevail in coming years? Where are the new trends heading regarding this?

I believe that most of art consumption will be personal and unique. It will be 2 dimensional while the 3D experience of visiting galleries or museum could change dramatically, with 2D prevailing. I believe that in upcoming years traditional media will still be around, as it has been forever. For instance, painting is still around along with photography and video. The future medias will be definitely digital and for personal usage and profit. 


How do you see the art scene in our post-Brexit world?

I do not think Brexit will affect the market much. For the EU it might mean some custom red tape. It will not affect the Americas. 


What are you most excited to see during Swab Barcelona's upcoming 10th anniversary edition?

I will be delighted to discover new up and coming artists. I love to see artists who have great potential in their artwork. Some new trends would be nice to see; a few years back "sex" per se was new, as much as gay themes. Nowadays transgender art might be something new, perhaps. 


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