We speak with Giuseppe Casarotto



Giuseppe Casarotto, collector and engineer from Bergamo Italy. Chairman of ClubGAMEC, a cultural association that promotes and supports Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, Italy. Casarotto is co-founder, together with six other private collectors, of a collection of active video art which focuses on the acquisition of video art’s works and the promotion of young video artists.




Which current trends do you find the most interesting?

As I have already stated in other interviews, I believe that the time for fads and trends is over, and now is the era for classicism and vanguard to coexist in harmony.

My curiosity grows as I age, and I am growing to be more and more interested in the new performative arts proposals, in videoinstalations, and in big interactive exhibitions that involve audience.

How do you imagine art in five years?

I imagine it rich in newness and quality due to a series of international events related to contemporary art, such as Kassel, Atenas Documenta, Munster, Venecia Biennale, etc. More specifically, I presage a period of videoart development and figurative painting revision.

I believe that Duchamp’s vision of “inframince” art is still valid, and it is being reciclated in diverse forms.

What does an artwork need to get your interest on it?

It needs to surprise me and awake a real emotion in me, especially during the second viewing, when I evaluate the artist and his/her investigation.

Why do you think people should visit Swab?

I have been visiting Swab for years, and I encourage my fellow collectors to do the same. A part from visiting the catalan city, visitors will have the opportunity to see high quality collections from international emerging galleries, worthy of the best fairs. Swab is beautiful for the things one can discover there, not for those already known.


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