Swab Stairs 2016 Winners


Swab announces the new edition of Swab Stairs 2016 that will take place from June 3rd until June 22th.

15 schools will participate in this edition, 10 catalan and, for the first time, 5 international schools from UK, Algeria, Argentina, Canada and Hong Kong.

Title: "Cel". Winner Jordi Farreras.  Elisava. Barcelona
Pg de Grácia L2. Exit -Gran Via / Cine Comedia


"Swab Stairs", part of the "Swab Off" program and the cultural project TMB Culture, with the support of theDepartament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Fujifilm, purposes an activity where we give the opportunity to students from design schools from Barcelona and around the world, to create an art piece that will be exhibited in the access stairs of the most important metro stations of Barcelona.

Our aim is to link the academic world with the creative transformation of the landscape, ensuring the presence of Swab in the city whilst offering the students the opportunity to exhibit their creations to the eyes of everyday subway users.
Thus, students coming from the most prestigious art schools, have the opportunity to show their work at some of the most important metro stations of Barcelona during three weeks, coinciding with the Design Week, Primavera Sound and Sonar Festival.
The exhibition will consist on vinyl reproductions of the elected works, from the winners of the 15 design and art selected schools, which will fulfill of art the basement of the city during those days.




“Utopic Paradigmas of the Future City”

At the beginning of the XX century, large cities were facing a major transportation crisis. Tones of horse feces and thousands of dead animals had to be removed from the streets every year, resulting in a highly unhealthy and unsustainable situation. The automobile, one of the biggest problems of the city of today, would then come as a miraculous solution to an even bigger problem. 

A century later, global population has multiplied by four, increasingly concentrating in macro cities where pollution levels are close to being unsuitable for human life. Once again, the social and environmental struggles generated through an increased urban density and transportation could be impossible to solve within our present status quo. 
The goal of Swab Stairs 2016 is that participants suggest, with the implicit freedom of artistic expression, creative and seemingly utopian solutions for the cities of the future; considering urban density, mobility and the positive impact of technology for the achivement of higher leves of sustainability and social harmony. 




Activity dates: From 3rd June to the 22th June, 2016 

Opening - Press conference: 3rd June / Diagonal metro stop. 12 p.m
More information press@swab.es




1. Title: "Utópic". Winner: Ester Marín. Massana. Barcelona
Liceo L2. Exit - Teatro Liceu Via 2

2. Title: "A por Marte". Winner: Tiago Almança. ESDI. Barcelona

Drassanes L3 Exit - Santa Madrona




1. Title: "Smart City". Winner: Raquel Luesma. La Llotja. Barcelona

Liceo L2. Exit - Liceo Via 1

2. Title: "Sky Scrapers". Winner Christy Chan Wing TungESCAD Hong Kong

Sagrada Família L5. Exit - Plaça Sagrada Familia




1. Title: "En el séptimo cielo". Winner: Galina BesedinaEscuela Da Vinci, Buenos Aires. Argentina

Liceo L2. Exit - Boqueria Via 1

2. Title: "Sacré-Fils". Winner: Aitouche Ahmed AmineÉcole Supérieure des Beux-Arts de Argel. Alger

Liceo L2. Exit - Boqueria Via 2





1. Title: "Expuestos". Winner: Claudia Blanes. IED. Barcelona

Diagonal L2. Exit- Rosellón Rambla Catalunya

2. Title: "Of production". Winner: Fran RondonRoyal College of Art London. UK

Diagonal L2.   Exit- Rosellón FGC





1. Title: "Vistes des del jardí". Winner: Clara Ribes. Pau Gargallo. Badalona
Pg  de Gràcia L2. Exit -Pau Clarís

2. Title: "La vida en illes suspeses a l´espai". Winner: Judith PerezSerra i Abella. Hospitalet

Pg de Gràcia L2. Exit - Pg de Gracia





1. Title: "Connexió natural". Winner: Pol VaquéESDAP. Olot
Sagrada Família L5. Exit - Sardenya

2. Title: "Leaf # 1". Winner: Sahand AizadehECUAD. Canada

Drassanes L3. Exit - La Rambla





1. Title: "Sin Título". Winner: Arantxa NovaEADT. Tarragona

Drassanes L3. Exit - Drassanes

2. Title: "Flow". Winner: Bruna BelmonteEscuela de Bellas Artes de Barcelona UB. Barcelona

Jaume I. Exit - Jaume I







Jump into the metro and enjoy the underground contemporary art tour!  Stop in each of the Swab Stairs stations following one of tours that we propose: Eixample Tour, Gothic Tour and Full Tour.


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