Swab Seed 2017



Swab Seed 2017

Swab Barcelona presents the third edition of Swab Seed, featuring six independent, self-managed and experimental spaces. Swab Seed seeks to make visible those experimental platforms and proposals which are shaking up the contemporanean art scene.

Dienstgebäude Art Space, Zurich




DIENSTGEBÄUDE Art Space is an artists-managed space in Zurich (Switzerland). Created in 2008 the programme is focussed on emerging and mid-career artists with a conceptual focus on their work. Most of them are based in Switzerland; however the number of international artists is increasing.

is a piece which is challenging physics to transform them in art. (2016),The Circles in Which it Moves DIENSTGEBÄUDE’s proposal is an artist and a single work: Andreas Marti’s is a presentation of three selected works by Andreas Marti. The centerpiece of the show is the installation 





Simone Häckel, SCOTTY Projeks Space – Berlin



SCOTTY Projekt Space – BERLIN

Space organises collaborations with national and international spaces, performances and monthly exhibitions, focusing on the role of the artist in the global scene and approaching topics such as migration, mobility or identity.Scotty is a project space managed by 14 Berlin-based artists since 2007 with a non-commercial, non-hierarchical and independent structure. Scotty Project 

In the Swab Seed 2017, Scotty will present five artists in a collective exhibition discussing the topic of Political Narratives. The selected artists are: Charlotte Bastian, Simone Häckel, Julia Krewani, Irene Pascual and Annette Sonnewend.





La Trastera – Calafell




Is a production space with a critical focus out of the academic context. This space is based in spontaneity, proximity and experimental freedom. They are a self-managed and peripheral space which operates with limited resources and precariousness. La Tastera organizes actions, exhibitions and performances with the available resources and collaborating with other institutions to create independent spaces for experimentation and participation.

The artists: Àlvar Calvet, Nikolay Vetoshkin, Vicky Benitez, Alexandra Garcia Pascual, Edita Kadiric, Maria Stoyanova, Ramon Sicart, Alberto Gil, Roger Caparó, Ro Caminal, Fermin Díez de Ulzurrun, Peio Izcue Basail, Núria Güell, Levi Orta y Mireia Sallarès. La Trastera will bring us its innovative spirit to Swab Seed. Every day its space will be transformed to display the work of a different artists offering a different experience. 








Is an independent space for the display of artistic projects. Every single project comes from the proposal of a curator or a researcher, invited to establish dialogues in between national and international artists about a specific topic. Casa Hoffmann will showcase Akashá and Espacio by Andrés Moreno Hoffmann, about the essence of space, geometry and tridimensionality.  








Mutt Collective represents emerging, contemporary artists from around the world working in a variety of mediums and styles. Their clean, concise work explores the range of human experience and emotion.  Each artist’s honed technique and skill in their chosen medium has allowed them to create unique and innovative styles. As varied as their mediums are, their artwork is united under its strong conceptual groundwork. 

Featured artists include Gemma Gené, Spanish-born hyper-realist painter; Jason McGroarty, Irish-born surrealist photographer; and Katie Levinson, Korean-born minimalist mixed media artist.





Video-art installation of 'Vereda Tropical', Square Art Projects, London. Photo credit: Tom Nowak




Square Art Projects is an independent artist-run initiative which presents contemporary art exhibitions in non-gallery spaces on an international level. A nomadic project with no fixed base, Square creates memorable art experiences which bring together viewer and art in novel settings.

Square Art Projects will present a collaborative installation between two London-based artists, Lee Marshall and Alex Strachan, whose pieces will establish and ongoing dialogue in the booth







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