Swab Awards 2017


Best Gallery Award by Fundació Banc Sabadell


This award consists of the election of the best gallery at Swab Barcelona 2017, and the acquisition by Banc Sabadell Foundation of an artwork from the winning gallery for its collection.

President of the jury: Miquel Molins, Banc Sabadell Foundation President.

Members of the jury: Josep Maria Civit, collector, Jérôme Pantalacci, Art-O-Rama Director, and Glòria Picazo, independent curator. 

Winner: Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery.

Premio Sabadell 2017

Eduardo Valderrey. Aerópolis #23, 2010. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando

Premio Sabadell 2017

 Rafael Pérez Hernando booth


Best Spanish Artist Award by DKV


The award consists of the acquisition by DKV Seguros of an artwork of a Spanish artist participating in Swab Barcelona 2017 to be included in its contemporary art collection.

President of the jury: Josep Santacreu i Bonjoch, DKV Seguros, CEO

Members of the jury:  Alicia Ventura and Juan B. Peiró, DKV Collection advisors. 

Winner: Daniel Martín Corona. Ángeles Baños Gallery


DKV Award 2017

Daniel Martín Corona. Vocación 3D. Galería Ángeles Baños.



Emerging Artist Award by MANGO


Through a specialized jury, MANGO will award and purchase an artwork of an emerging artist from the participating galleries at Swab Barcelona 2017.

President of the jury: Jan Rivera Bosch, Image Director of Mango.

Members of the jury: Josep Joanpere, architect and collector. Natàlia Chocarro, Head of Press and Communications and Deputy Art Director of Vila Casas Foundation. 

Winner: Patrik Grijalvo. Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo.


Mango Award 2017

Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo booth.



Photography Award by Grisart


This award consists on the adquisition of one photographic work selected within all the pieces presented at Swab 2017 by participating galleries. The photo will be selected by a specialized jury in photography and will be  incorporated into the Grisart collection.

President of the jury: Albert Gusi, Grisart director and visual artist

Members of the jury: Israel Ariño, artist, photographer and Grisart professor; Jesús Vilamajó, photographer, cultural activist and director of the Panoràmic Festival.

Winner: Lois Patiño. RocioSantaCruz Gallery.



Lois Patiño. Montaña en la sombra, from the series Eco de la Imagen, 2014




Idea Art Award by Martset

This award, following Marset's desire to start a collection of emerging contemporary art, consists of the acquisition of a work presented at  Swab Barcelona 2017 that represents an innovation in design or creativity.  

President of the jury: Javier Marset, Marset director.

Members of the jury:  Ramón Canals, architect; Miquel Planas, academic of the Fine Arts Academy.

Winner: Patrik Grijalvo. Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.


Marset Award 2017

Patrik Grijalvo, from the series Gravitación visual, 2017



Drawing Award by Col.lecció Diezy7

The Drawing Award was created in 2008, consisting of the acquisition of a work by the Diezy7 Collection. The winning piece is selected from artworks presented at Swab Barcelona 2017 ​by a jury of prominent members of the contemporary art world for their work as curators, critics and collectors. It is aimed at emerging artists with works on paper or other media in the drawing category.

President of the Jury: Fernando Romero Simó, MoMA advisor.

Members of the jury: Giuseppe Casarotto, collector and ClubGAMeC president and Joaquín Díez-Cascón, Swab Barcelona director.  

Winner: Alberto Miani, SGR Galería.

Drawing Award 2017

Alberto Miani, El origen de la arquitectura. SGR Galería

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