Interview to Carolina Díez-Cascón



We spoke with Carolina Díez-Cascón,
On Paper 2017 curator.


¿Why is it so important to claim the use of paper in emerging art?

Paper has found its own place in the art market. The crisis has regenerated and changed the art market and the artistic media. Paper did well in this situation because it is cheap and easy to transport, ideal for a global market. All the changes and revolutions come from social situations, that’s why the works on paper are in a very interesting moment, they mirror the current situation and evolution of the art world.


Which formats and techniques will we find in Swab?

This new editions will bring together new techniques, from installation to drawing. But all the techniques are related to the new symbolism of paper. Which is not only a media but a concept itself.

Are young artists using paper in a new way?

Yes, paper is expanding its horizons, its mixed with new techniques, 3d laser printing, metallic pigments etc. Creating a versatile media full of opportunities which is getting far from classical drawing.


A tip for the newcomers: How did you got interested by works on paper? What hunted you about this material/media?

As a young collector paper is a format which helps you to start, as I told you it is affordable. My first artwork was an ink diptych made on photography, from this first piece I have been evolving and understanding the new meanings of works on paper. My last piece was by the artist Flurin Bising, a very interesting artists who managed to synthetize this new language on paper.


Which is the current situation of paper in the art market, in contrast with other formats like painting or sculpture?

Paper is a formant which is gaining space and in a constant evolution, because of its versatility and adaptation to the space, paper is gaining relevance in the current art scene.







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