Swab presents its ninth edition.

Swab Barcelona introduces its ninth edition which will be from September 29th until October 2nd of 2016. It will count with the participation of 75 galleries throughout new curated programs such as In/Out, Focus Magreb and Cross-Bounders, consolidating the previous ones: Solo Swab, Swab Seed, Drawing Applications and MYFAF.


Solo Swab: Direlia Lazo and Zaida Trallero curate Solo Swab. The section consist of individual presentations by  artists from Latin American. In its third edition, Solo Swab consolidates itself as a space that reflects upon the artistic practice in the region in dialogue with the social and political context.

Focus Magreb: Curated by Xavier de Luca, this program arises from a need by the european societies to know in depth the social, cultural and artistic realities that are actually taking place in the Maghreb region. FOCUS MAGREB has being conceived as an open space, a meeting point, a bridge, where there will be presented a selection of galleries, as well as artists and curators who are developing projects in different cities of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Cross-Bounders: Program curated by Susana Sanz and produced in China by Wang Zhongwen. It counts with the selection of four chinese filmakers comming from the recent film emerging wave of the country.  Song Fang, Ju Anqi, Yu Depeng and Wang Liren will travel to Barcelona for producing a piece in the city in which they will meditate about the borders drawed among the author cinema and videoarte. The transgression of those confines makes them be "Cross-Bounders artist".


Photo: Wang Liren, Yu Depeng, Song Fang and Ju Anqi


Swab Seed: David Armengol states its second edition in Swab. A visibility space and a debate focus on independent proposals located in Barcelona and other European cities. From the power and unsteadiness of mainly depending on itselfs, they have become in one of the most fruitful and dynamic scenes of the actual contemporary art.

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Photo:  Espacio Arts Coming.  Fundació Lluis Coromina Award -2015 winner


IN/OUT“Talking offscreen is make present a relevant manifestation that apparently is not visible. Is not noticeable but is the keyword that promotes the development or comprenhension of the action that scratches the thread of the main narrative. It could occur, someway, the inflection point in order to change the apparent meaning of the discourse allowing from its staying outside, influencing from the inside. It may, as it is the case, making visible without being part of the central motor of the action”.

That’s how it has born the independent curated program IN/OUT. A selection of artists that, under the gaze of Frederic Montornés and Imma Prieto, it will be part of the Swab’s program from some dislocation. The displacement adjudges the posibility of stablishing unity nexus among some of the most interesting creators of the actual artistical program. This empower the deliberation throughout the main idea of the Project: What does that means being in our out?

Swab on Paper. Programme that displays ten individual artistical projects that proves the transition in artistical material of the uses traditionally atribuited to paper, represented, this time, by ten international galleries. 

MYFAF (My First Art Fair): 3 art contemporary galleries with less of two years of existance, that have not participated before in any international artfair and that introduces artists born after 1975.

General programme: Established art galleries, that present emergent artists, divided into three types of booth: 25, 20 i 15 m2.


Photo: Hangar center


In this edition Swab demonstrates two other novelties: Fundación Swab Barcelona and Swab House.

Fundación Swab Barcelona: Created in order to go deepen in the creation and support of social networks with the cultural agents and colaborating in the acquisition of the background art beggining from the performance of Swab Barcelona. It also will create an honor comitee belonging to Swab and integrated by institutions, foundations and entrepreneur from the field.

Swab House: Is about a Project executed in collaboration with creation centers and preexisting residences, in which participates four selected artists in each edition of Swab selected by a jury comitee comprising by the CEO directors and colaborators foundations. Meanwhile the previous month to the artfair, and under the subject and technique proposed by the jury, the artists will produce an artpiece that will be exhibit at Swab space destinated to the program.

In this first edition will perform four chinese artists thoughout the curated program Cross-Bounders. The artists, emerging independent filmaker directors will create their first video-art piece at the Hangar and La Escocesa center meanwhile they’ll be occupants at Jiwar’s residence.


Photo:  Fundación Banco Sabadell Award 2015.
Galerie Alain Gutharc with the solo show artist  Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza.


Swab Barcelona continues with their acquisition awards:

DKV Award- Best Spanish Artist: Consists on the acquisition by DKV Seguros of an artwork of a Spanish artist participating in Swab Barcelona 2015 for its contemporary art collection.

MANGO young artist Award: Through a specialized jury, MANGO will award and purchase an artwork of an emerging artist from the participating galleries at Swab Barcelona.

Grisart Photography Award that will be ceded to the MACBA Foundation Barcelona: This Award consists on the adquisition of one photography selected within all the pieces presented at Swab 2015 by the 65 participating galleries. The photo will be selected by a specialized jury in photography and will be passed to the MACBA Foundation of Barcelona.

Lluís Coromina Foundation Award: Lluis Coromina Foundation Award for the Best Catalan Artistwith the support of bonart cultural. Consists on the acquisition of a work of a Catalan artist participating in Swab Barcelona 2015.

Idea Art Marset Award: This award, following Marset desire to start a collection of emerging contemporary art, consists on the acquisition of a work that represents a design innovation or creativity in Swab Barcelona 2015. Being rewarded the author and the artist gallery.

Drawing Award by Diezy7 collection: Swab Drawing Prize is an award created in 2008 consisting of the acquisition of a work by the collection Diezy7. The winning artwork is selected from participating artworks and presented during the days of Swab by a jury of prominent members of the contemporary art world for their work as curators, critics and collectors. Swab Drawing Prize is aimed at emerging artists with works on paper or other media in the category drawing.


Photo: Swab Stairs 2015


Furthermore, Swab Barcelona will continue to have their integrated projects at Swab Off, such as Swab Stairs in collaboration with TMB that in this particular edition (from June 2nd until June 21st) consolidates expanding itself in a wide range of artschools and metro stations to 17. The metro stairs will be vinylized with the winning projects presented by the students from the main catalans schools and 6 international guest schools: Royal College of Art from London, SCAD Hong Kong, LASALLE Singapur, Universidad de Palermo from Argentina, ECQAD from Canada and École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts from Argelia.

The registration period of the galleries just started at Februrary 2nd and it will remain open until april 30th. See you at Swab!



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