ART SHOCK by SwabStairsxInstax 2017



"ART SHOCK" by SwabStairsxInstax 2017 




Swab Barcelona encourages you to participate on InstaxFujifilm x Swabstairs, ART SHOCK, a competition that values improvisation and has as stage the metro stairs which will be artistically intervened by selected art students from 12 catalan and international art and design schools.

A moment where the instant, going upstairs and downstairs is filled with new feelings, impressions, and inputs comming from a fortuitous artistic impact.

What is your reaction? Show us your Artshock!




SwabStairsxInstax 2016 – From left to right: 1st, 2nd, 3rd awards






- Follow the Instagram account of Swab Barcelona and Instax Fujifilm:

- Take a photograph of one of the 12 artistically intervened Swabstairs under the theme of the contest “Art Shock” Find the participating stairs here: 

- Share the image on instagram with the hashtag  #SwabStairsxInstax2017

- Mention it with the contest’s subject “Art Shock”.





Only published images from instagram that have been mentioned correctly will be accepted. Any content that the promoter, according to their owns criteria, considers offensive, inappropiate or inadequate, will be removed from the contest.

Only 1 picture per participant will be valid for the contest. In case a participant loads more than 1 picture, only the first one added will be taken into account for the contest.

Winner will be selected by the jury, taking into account, among other characteristics, quality, creativity, originality, artistical execution, and the relationship with the subject proposed.




Jury: Instax Fujifulm Spain and Swab Barcelona team.

  • 1rst prize: instax mini 90 + loads 20 photos
  • 2nd prize: instax mini 70 + loads 20 photos
  • 3rd prize: instax mini 9 + loads 20 photos






Any person, with at least 18 years old, resident in Spain who has an instagram account and meanwhile the period of vality of this campaign participates on the action according to the purposes described on this bases.



The period of the promotion will start on 16/06/2017 and ends on 30/06/2017.​



Swab Barcelona will contact the winners via Instagram, leaving a comment on the winning photos and through their social networks. Swab Barcelona will announce the winners within a period of passed 2 calendar days after concluded the campaign.




The participants accept by participating in the contest, all the comments and contents published on this network could be shared with other users on Instagram and other social networks.  The participation on a contest of this nature implies the acceptance of the Instagrams rules and conditions.





The award’s acceptance by the winner implies  giving consent to Swab Barcelona  and Intax Fujifilm to use the images on social networks or similars.

Any participant states  and is responsable of having the images and intelectual property rights about all the material used for promotion, previous to the consentment  during the enjoyment of the awards, conceding the image to Swab Barcelona and Fujifilm on the same ends previously expressed.



The fact of participating on this contest implies the integral acceptance  of the bases.

The promotor reserves  the right of rejecting or including  of the participation on the contest  or in general, in the promotion of any participant that doesn´t complete the requirements  previously expressed on the basis and participation terms  or renege the rules or contest finality.

Swab Barcelona reserves itself the right of adjust  any time the present conditions, even its possible cancelation  before the  prefixed deadlines, whenever it concurs  a just cause., commiting itself to communicate the new basis , promotional conditions or the definitive cancellation If it was the case, with enough time and publicity.

Swab Barcelona is not responsible for any data lost related with mail problems, bad functioning of instagram or internet.

Also, Swab Barcelona excludes any liability for damages of any nature , despite the security measure taken may result from the misuse of content or service by instagram users and particularly, for damages of any kind that may result from the impersonation of other user by any kind of communication through the portal.

Similarly, Swab Barcelona disclaims all liability for damages any kind that may be due to misuse, manipulation or mutilation users or unauthorized third parties may make regarding the general content of this page as well and the infringement of intellectual property rights that may arise due to lack of compliance with the requirements established in this web.




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