General program

Established art galleries presenting national and international emerging artists, divided into 3 types of booth: 25, 20 and 15 m2.



Galleries to be announced





Solo Swab

Curated by Direlia Lazo and Zaida Trallero. The section consists of individual presentations by Latin American artists. In its fourth edition, Solo Swab consolidates itself as a space for reflection around the current artistic production in dialogue with the Latin American social political context.



Galleries to be announced






Under the supervision of Imma Prieto and Frederic Montornés, this section comprises a selection of artists representative of nine different galleries throughout Barcelona. The artists were grouped together to establish a unified nexus within the city's current artistic program, providing multiple perspectives and insights into some of Barcelona's most interesting creators. This section asks, "What does being in or out mean?" and empowers a debate through a diverse group of artists and artworks. 

For this second edition, following last year's conceptual framework, we considered how to bring into focus that which is outside the field of vision, and that the same time, break with a temporal discursive line. We want this central mechanism to be made visible through fragments that break away and connect to the creation process. This can be materialized through works, documents, notes or even new artistic expressions that emerge after the work itself is completed.



Galleries to be announced









Focus magreb

Curated by Xavier de Luca, is naturally linked to FOCUS MAGREB, the program that took place in Swab’s 2016 edition and featured 8 art projects from the Maghreb region. That program’s positive reception by the public, participants, and all collaborators has made possible this year’s MEDITERRANEAN FOCUS, which offers in-depth research into the entire Euro-Mediterranean region, widening its focus and including other proposals of key importance in the understanding current Mediterranean world.

Geographically, the Mediterranean is a space of natural connection between several realities, configured by various factors that model them and render them unique from each other. It is precisely this richness that this proposal seeks to showcase, giving visibility to the artistic and cultural initiatives that are taking place in different Mediterranean cities. This proposal aims to link with SWAB’s interest in digging deeper, year after year, into new contexts and artistic disciplines, thus enriching its contents and reaching new audiences. 



Galleries to be announced









Swab on paper

Programme that displays six individual artistical projects that proves the transition in artistical material of the uses traditionally atribuited to paper, represented, this time, by six international galleries. 



Galleries to be announced





Swab seed

A visibility space and a debate focus on independent proposals located in Barcelona and other European cities. From the power and unsteadiness of mainly depending on itselfs, they have become in one of the most fruitful and dynamic scenes of the actual contemporary art.



Galleries to be announced





MY FAF (My First Art Fair)

A selection of three contemporary art galleries, less than two years old, who have not previously participated in any international art fair and which feature artists born after 1975. Swab offers this space free of charge as a way to boost young new galleries.



Galleries to be announced





Swab performance

Swab Performance presents it's thrid edition consolidating the program of the fair and proposing a dialogue based on new independent formats.


Galleries to be announced





Other editions

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